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SRWUG@ Applications

Application Rules
  • Before you can post or comment with a character in either comm, you must apply and be accepted here.
  • Each player is be limited to 6 characters. However, provided a player has six characters and maintained good activity for all of them, they may request a seventh slot. In the event they drop a character though, they will have to request the seventh slot again. More details on the seventh slot can be found here.
  • Furthermore, after introducing a new canon to the RP, each player will have to wait at least one full activity cycle before they may do so again.
  • When posting an app, please put the character name and whether the character was reserved in the comment subject
  • You may not app characters who are Reserved, Taken or serve a primarily antagonistic role without working something out with the mods first - please read those two entries first, along with the FAQ if you're new.
  • The template is below, note that depending on what kind of character you are apping you may be able to ignore some portions of the template.
  • You must fill out all sections marked REQUIRED; other sections are optional or may not be relevant to your character.
  • Please note that the Unit/Flagship sections are required if you want to have one, and should be written in your own words. Supplemental links to wikis or MAHQ are fine, but only as supplements; we need to know you can play your unit in combat just like we need to know you can play your character in RP.
  • Before writing the app, it is extremely important that you familiarize yourself with the world of UG@ and read the wiki. The world is not a blank slate for you to work with; it is a specific post-apocalyptic setting with a large amount of predetermined backstory and as a result, there are some things which simply will not be found in it
  • If you want to app an OC (original character), please view the section below the app template.
  • Any character for which canon review would be difficult and/or require a large amount of money (such as video games and untranslated works, fan translations are usually okay) requires a full write up, using the rules outlined for Original Characters below.
  • For notes on each specific section click here.
  • Due to UG@ entering endgame, limitations on applying new canons come into effect. These affect only already-established players who have characters in the game, not new players. Details are here.

The Application (Copy and paste this, then fill it out.)

Original Characters
  • The most important thing to remember when designing your original character: your OC can't do everything. As well, be reasonable with your character's powers: the "power level" here is pretty high, but try to be self-consistent at least.
  • Your original character must be detailed enough that we can run a game with them, and show us that you have put enough thought into the character that you know them as well as you would know any other character that someone else made up. While we don't necessarily expect you to not make up anything on the fly while RPing your OC, we do need them to have enough definition in the first place that they don't become your personal "whatever is convenient at the time" spouting device.
  • The above also means we reserve the right to ask for longer or more detailed Personality and/or Background section, simply to make sure we have a full idea of the character without canon review to fall back on.
  • The mech/battleship and capabilities/resources sections are just as, if not more, important than background and personality, if they're applicable to your character. Also, a physical description of its appearance is highly encouraged.
  • If your OC is written using plot devices from another canon, please make sure you ask the player's playing from those canons first. Some things are assumed to be part of the setting as opposed to any particular canon, so being a Coordinator, Newtype, Psychodriver or what not is generally okay so long as you aren't a super special example. Anything more specific, such as being a member of such and such organization or having been at a historical event definitely needs permission.
  • You need an event list if you want events, and your event list needs to be a little more detailed than for a canon character for the same reasons as personality and background.
  • The sample post section may take several forms for non-OCs, but for original characters we ask for a post on [community profile] testrun_box. This is to ensure you have a good grip on your character's personality and how to roleplay them.

First? Sanger Zonvolt 1/2

[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
Player Name: Ethan
Personal LJ: [ profile] ideally_awesome
AIM Contact: Captain Gardock

Character Name: Sanger Zonvolt
Source Canon: Super Robot Wars (Alpha)
Community Tag: “Sanger Zonvolt”


Notes: The background is a bit vague and there's just one detail to really AU, so to expand on it slightly: Dr. Sophia Nate proposed the Earth Cradle, a gigantic, ostensibly impenetrable bomb shelter operated by a supercomputer called Magus and housing many people in cryogenic sleep, as a way of ensuring humanity's survival in the case of an apocalyptic event. It was put to its intended use at the last possible second before the Second Impact. Sanger was the security team leader; it was his job to wake up and fight off any hostile elements who somehow broke into the Cradle.

This does not go as planned when a woman named Kukuru, on Dr. Hell's orders, smashes a hole in the Cradle and Sanger is not awoken immediately...

Personality: Sanger thinks he is a samurai. Well, no, not literally. But he's very interested in Japanese warrior culture as a result of his kendo training (or perhaps he got kendo training as a result of that) and follows a random assortment of old-fashioned samurai traditions (especially battlecries and attack names), despite being a white German guy from the distant future. Chief among these, of course, is his sense of honor. He's more of a Warrior than a Soldier, and he adheres faithfully to a simplified kind of samurai movie version of bushido. When he decides to serve under someone, they have his intense loyalty, at least until he has a crisis over some melodramatic need to change sides. You know how Gundam/SRW politics are.

Despite his devotion to, say, Sophia Nate—he straddles the line between loyalty to a great leader and being in love with her—his first priority is usually Ideals. He calls himself the Sword That Cleaves Evil for a reason; he strongly believes that those who fight should fight honorably and for peace or the protection of the innocent. He respects courage and resolve, and has zero tolerance for the kind of enemy who lacks them. He's a hardass to soldiers he outranks, but kind to children.

All this paints a picture of a kind of melodramatic character, which he is—sometimes comically so. Sanger is so goddamn serious business and intense all the time that it kind of precludes him from having normal social skills. He goes about his day by default with a piercing gaze, and doesn't really understand how senses of humor work even when he tries to. He's a man who doesn't have a Relaxed Mode. His best friend, Elzam von Branstein/Ratsel Feinschmecker, comes in handy for bringing out his human side and keeping him from boiling over into a Samurai Elemental.

No matter how confident he seems (and is, really), there is always some fraction of Sanger's mind dealing with guilt, either because he has failed Sophia and his duty to the Earth Cradle in general or because he betrayed his allies at some point (depending on canon and time, of course). He doesn't forgive himself for his failings easily, especially because he has a bit of an ego. One doesn't have a fancy title and a catchphrase about his ability to bisect anything without being pretty self-assured. It probably shouldn't be described as arrogance, though, because arrogance implies that one's confidence is unwarranted.

Sanger Zonvolt 2/2

[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:06 am (UTC)(link)
As ridiculous as his theatrics may seem, he commands respect even from his enemies because he can back it the fuck up. Sanger's a skilled pilot, a wise soldier (he didn't rise through the ranks solely on cleavings), and a legitimate badass—he's Batman-tier at intimidation. If he tells you to Shut up! And listen! you shut up and listen, almost no matter who you are. You don't just ignore Sanger Zonvolt, the Sword That Cleaves Evil.

Capabilities and Resources: Sanger was a Major in whatever the equivalent of the EFA or earth Federation or whatever the Team Earth military was called pre-apocalypse. He is also a kendo master in peak physical condition. Practically speaking, though, all he's got is a couple of swords (one built for a person, the other a Zankantou) and the Grungust on his back.

Robot Name: Grungust Type-3
Robot Description:
Super Robot
Non-flying but with decent boost time, can melee aerial enemies with little difficulty
Heavily armored
Ostensibly two-pilot, but Sanger uses his solo
Can detach and recombine into a plane and a tank if it has a second pilot
Type-3 Zankantou (katana that can extend into a ridiculously proportioned broadsword via liquid metal)
Boost Knuckle (rocket punch; can mount drills on its back onto the fist to augment into Drill Boost Knuckle)
Omega Blaster (huge chest beam)
Eye Solid Laser (weirdly named pewpew eye lasers)

Terrain Stats: Canonical stats (from OG2, at least):

Land: S
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: A

Upgraded Robot Name: Dynamic General Guardian BUSHIN SOUKOU DYGENGUAR
Upgraded Robot Description:
Super Robot
Well-armored and large, but with deceptively ridiculous speed
Motion trace system in the cockpit
Similar weapon loadout to Type-3, but all except the Zankantou are disabled at first due to a software malfunction that Sanger does not want fixed
--Type-3 Zankantou (used in many ridiculous ways)
Land: A
Air: A
Sea: A
Space: A

Suggested Event List: Sent to mod account.

Sample Post: I'm reusing Sanger from [ profile] kingdoms_rp. Just click the journal I'm posting this with!


[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:08 am (UTC)(link)
Player Name: Prof
Personal LJ: [ profile] professor_prof
AIM Contact: ZebulonCrispi
Character Name: Kabuto Kouji
Source Canon: Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen
Community Tag: kouji kabuto

Also, see mission list.


Kabuto Kouji is the archetypal mold from which all other super robot pilots are wrought. He is young, hot-blooded, passionate, and has a strong sense of justice and protecting the weak. On and off the battlefield, he displays a level of intensity seldom seen in ordinary people.

The flip side of this is that he’s also brash and impuslive, often leaping into situations head-first without thinking about the sometimes-disastrous consequences. In the worst case, Kouji can let his emotions control him. This is the core of the idea that “Mazinger Z can become either God or Devil” - When Kouji is consumed by rage on the battlefield, a glimpse of the devil in both him and Mazinger Z is possible. He can lose sight of his morals and his ideals in his fury.

In short, Kouji is an extremely dramatic young man. He wears his heart on his sleeve, all his emotions constantly running at full throttle. Like everyone in his canon, he has a tendency towards dramatic repetition and melodramatic speeches - recurring themes for him are “The Mazinger that grandpa built” and general themes of never accepting defeat. He has a strong sense of dedication to his family (grandpa at first, then Shiro after he dies and Tsubasa when he finds out his relation to her). He is very morally upstanding for someone his age, never touching alcohol and almost never engaging in perverted antics (unlike his brother).

Compared to many hot-blooded heroes, Kouji’s love life is surprisingly chill. He’s got some kind of a flirtatious but poorly-defined thing going on with Sayaka, and neither of them is really too oblivious to it or awkward about it (except for that one time in the hot springs). He values her as an ally and listens to her advice... up to a point. This point could be called the “Bros Before Hos” barrier. While he does value Sayaka’s help and suggestions, he is and always will be One Of The Guys, and will generally side with them. And if it’s a matter of his manly pride, Kouji has no choice but to answer to the passionate cries of his own heart. Because...

Kabuto Kouji is a man.

[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:09 am (UTC)(link)
Capabilities and Resources: Grandson of the famous scientist Kabuto Juuzou.

Robot Name: Mazinger Z
Robot Description:
Soaring through the sky like an invincible black fortress of steel! The mighty shield, forged of the invincible Super Alloy Z, which turns away all attacks! The limitless power of Photon Energy! Created by Kouji’s grandfather, it’s the ultimate super robot, Mazinger Z!

In seriousness, Mazinger Z is a tank. It’s slow, plodding, and powerful. It almost never dodges an attack, but it’s damn hard to find something that can get through its armor. It deals with its foes using a variety of straightforward weapons, and few complicated tricks.

The most basic of Mazinger Z’s weapons is the Rocket Punch, in which the robot’s fists detach from its arms and fly forwards as rockets, punching through everything in their path, before returning automatically. For heavily-armored enemies, it has the Rust Hurricane, a stream of acid particles from the mouth that erodes metal at an incredible rate. If that’s not enough, it has Breast Fire, a chest-mounted heat ray that can melt away everything in its path. Finally, its ultimate weapon, fully harnessing the power of Kouji’s grandfather’s genius discoveries, is the eye-mounted Photon Beam, a massive beam of raw photonic energy, which can punch through entire mountains at full power. This last attack, however, consumes a great deal of energy, so it can only be used sparingly.

Mazinger Z’s first upgrade comes in the form of the Jet Scrander, a pair of wings that can fly out on their own and dock with Mazinger in mid-battle. With this attached, Mazinger Z gains the ability to fly, and can also use their razor-sharp edge to perform the Scrander Wing slicing attack.

Near the end of its story, the Jet Scrander is replaced by the incredible God Scrander, built from the arm of the mighty god Zeus. In addition to giving Mazinger Z a new pair of thrusters and even better air mobility, this unlocks its ultimate attack, Big Bang Punch. In this attack, Mazinger Z transforms into a massive fist, launching itself at massive speeds as a full-body Rocket Punch.

Terrain Stats:
Land: S
Air: -- (B with the Jet Scrander, A with the God Scrander)
Sea: B
Space: D (C with the Jet Scrander, B with the God Scrander)

[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:10 am (UTC)(link)
Player Name: Eric
Personal LJ: [ profile] overbringer
AIM Contact: EricOverbringer
Character Name: Kincaid Nau
Source Canon: Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
Community Tag: Kincaid Nau

Notes: I understand the first arc of the plot is going to be on Earth, which would not make a lot of sense for Kincaid to be in, at least initially. So I would like to wait to intro him at least until the first space arc.


Personality: Kincaid Nau was once the young punk kid who stumbled into the cockpit of a gundam and saved the day. When he was a teenager, he was involved in a war among the space colonies, and while he wasn't exactly happy about it, he had little difficulty adjusting mentally to the situation. Much of his life, in fact, is overlayed by a continual theme of adaptable pragmatism. Even now, while serving under Berah Ronah who wishes to spare the lives of as many enmies as possible, he recognizes that this is probably a waste of time and actively dangerous. And yet he continues to go along with her requests.

Kincaid Nau is, of course, a fake name for Seabook Arno. He doesn't want his old name to be one associated with war, piracy and violence, so he changed his name as a sort of symbol of his dedication to his task. Until the Jupiter Empire is turned away from its path of insane xenophobia, and the Earth Sphere is once again safe, he will remain Kincaid. He is very much in love with Berah Ronah (AKA Cecily Fairbrook), but because both of them are too stupidly focused on their work, neither of them has had much of a love life beyond comforting each other when the situation looks grim.

He is a newtype, but not a particularly powerful one. He is occasionally given to the flashes of insight into other people that newtypes are famous for, and he was able to use Gundam F91's Bio-Computer system. However he never has attached any particular importance or pride to this fact. In fact he attributes most of his skill as a pilot to continually pioting mobiles suits for ten years.

He definitely has a light hearted side. He cracks jokes, he worries about getting big headed, and for SOME REASON, when Berah Ronah notices someone sneaking into her bathroom while she's showering she immediately assumes it's him, which leads the imagination to possible past shenanigans. He's confident and optimistic in even the grimmest circumstances as long as he can see a chance of victory, and is prone to acting on impulses that probably aren't a good idea (like, say, lending his gundam to half trained teenage pilots for combat missions.). When things do go wrong, he takes the consequences in stride and adapts to the situation as needed.

Capabilities and Resources: As mentioned above, he's a newtype, but not a very powerful one. Resources-wise, he brings his own Gundam to the field, but that's about it, although ideally he would be backed up by the rest of the Crossbone Vanguard.

Robot Name: XM-X1 (F97) Crossbone Gundam X-1
Robot Description: Description: In the war out by Jupiter, defensive systems have advanced to the point that ranged weapons powerful enough to break through defensive shields are usually too unwieldy to be effective weapons against something as agile as a mobile suit. To this end, Crossbone Gundam X1 is designed as a melee powerhouse. It is very fast and agile compared to the average mobile suit, and uses an anti-beam cape as it's primary method of defense instead of the more common arm shield, as the cape makes the Gundam harder to notice than a normal energy shield would and requires no power, granting a longer operation time before refueling is needed. Unfortunately the cape is not quite as effective of a defense as the shield would be, only being able to absorb a few hits before holes start to get burnt through it.

[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:10 am (UTC)(link)
Weapons wise, X1 could arm an entire platoon of mobile suits. It carries one oversized beamsaber called a beam zanber which has a distinctive cutlass shape for the blade, as well as two additional regular beam sabers. It has four daggers with physical blades, two stored in each leg, that can be shot out from the bottom of the feet, and two small shields, one on each arm, that can activate to turn into beam punching daggers. They CAN be used as proper shields, but rarely are, as this takes a lot of power and the Crossbone Vanguard has a lot of supply issues. It has a pair of grappling claws ("Scissor anchors")that can be fired from the waist to grab onto things. It does have SOME ranged weapons: a small beam cannon that can actually combine with the beam zanber to create a somewhat decent ranged weapon called the zanbuster AND can equip specialty shells for more powerful attacks. And finally: four of the ubiquitous gundam vulcan cannons, two mounted in the head and two mounted in the chest. The Crossbone series of gundams also make use of the core fighter system, allowing part of the chest unit to detatch, creating a light fighter armed only with the vulcans. While docked, the engines of the fighter provide the gundam with verniers. It is equipped with a Bio-Computer system, which is similar to the ZERO System from Gundam Wing, only with less insanity.
Terrain Stats:
Land: C
Air: B
Sea: C
Space: S

Upgrades: Towards the end of the series, the Crossbone Vanguard builds X1 a pair of cable whips. Because, you know, it just didn't have enough melee weapons yet.

Job: Pilot

Suggested Event List:
Mission 1 - Space Pirates! - The Crossbone Vanguard attacks a ship carrying students to Jupiter. During the attack, it is revealed that the ship also contained a shipment of poison gas that was going to be sent back to Earth. Tobia Arronax cautiously joins the crew.
Mission 2 - The Name of the Darkness that is Jupiter - The Crossbone Vanguard attacks a supposed unarmed supply base, which turns out to be full of war materiel for the Jupiter Empire. A pitched battle ensues ending when the heroes narrowly avoid getting nuked. The sinister nature of the Jupiter Empire is revealed.
Mission 3 - Ambush Trap - The Jupiter Empire tries to catch the Crossbone Vanguard by hiding forces inside a supplies cruiser and sneak attacking with a mobile armor. Due to shenanigans, X1 deploys with Tobia as the pilot instead of Kincaid. Part way through Tobia and Kincaid use the core fighter system to switch pilots.
Log - Kincaid and Tobia sneak into a Jupiter Empire military base to find the location of their president, Crux Dogatie. They barely escape with their lives, but are successful.
Mission 4 - Storm of Io - The Crossbone Vanguard attack Crux Dogatie's home base on Jupiter's Moon Io. They find out that Dogatie has uploaded his memories and personality into a super advanced Bio-Computer, and that even though they have caught him, seven copies of him have just activated and sent an attack fleet to Earth
Mission 5 - Death Gale - While chasing Dogaties back to earth, Kincaid's Ally/Rival Zabine decides to sell out the Vanguard to Jupiter. He takes over the ship. During the following Battle, Kincaid fights against Death Gale, a unit of suits specifically designed to counter and hunt down Gundams. Eventually, the Jupiter forces have to retreat because they are in danger of being unable to catch up with the main Jupiter ship, but not before capturing Tobia.
Log - Tobia, on foot, defeats Gundam X2 in an arena battle, steals it, then escapes in the core fighter back to the Mother Vanguard.

Lynette Bishop | Strike Witches | 1/5

[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:12 am (UTC)(link)
TK’s Preliminary App, if you edit it please copy paste it below so we don’t lose this version of it.
Player Name: Jaydee
Personal LJ: [ profile] jdcorps
AIM Contact: xSaintjade
Character Name: Lynette Bishop
Source Canon: Strike Witches
Role: Combatant
Community Tag: lynette bishop


-Neuroi are "described" by what they resemble; rockets, whales, UFOs, etc. All Neuroi appear as black creatures with a hexagon grid throughout their body (excluding the Rubix Neuroi, which is a series of cubes). Laid in patterns over these hexagons, are red panels, which actively fire lasers, that can bend in order to be properly aimed. Within each Neuroi body is a "core", a bright pink hexahedron that needs to be revealed via damage. Destruction of the core is instant destruction of the Neuroi.

-Season 2 Neuroi, those deployed by the Neuroi Grand Hive, can regenerate damage rapidly (denoted by a -R at the end of the name).
Reveal the core, shoot the core: Feel like playing Gradius yet?

-Lynette Bishop has the rank of Sergeant, under the British Royal Air Force rank system (Non-Commissioned Officer, OR-5/OR-6 under NATO pay grades), given to anyone beginning service within the Strike Witches. Eventually promoted to Flight Sergeant (Non-Commissioned Officer, OR-7 under NATO pay grades) between Season 1 and Season 2 events.

-Most common role is of wingman. A pilot that follows and supports another in combat, though she can also stand back and make precision shots.



Lynette is what you would expect from any shy, normal girl that had been raised in a highly filial environment. She is a girl with homely manners and skills, one of them being cooking. Having grown as the middle child of several siblings, she was one of the most common cooks among the Strike Witches in canon, along with Miyafuji Yoshika. Most importantly, despite her shyness, she is a person of family. She regularly donates her large paycheck to her family, even if they seem to live with a rather affluent lifestyle. And like a good Britannian girl of mid-twentieth century, she loves tea.

Naturally depending on the environment, Lynette uses title and last name to refer to nearly everyone, but if you become close to her, she will refer to you by your first name -A part of Britannian military formality, though in her case it borders on shyness-. She is highly formal, and will never speak ill of anyone. Likewise, this comes from her manners as a Britannian girl. She is also somewhat clumsy, though it can be borne out of her nerviousness among people she's only getting familiarized with.

Still, like most of the witches, despite her formal demeanor and knowledge about the witches' lifestyle, she is not high on protocol. With the low enlistment pool for witches and the young ages they have, they tend to have many more privileges and vastly lighter forms of punishment when compared to normal branches of the military.

One of her biggest initial problems is her lack of self-esteem, especially among more skilled (...and overly endowed) comrades. Being the rookie of the 501st, she does not believe she has that many abilities that would make her the defender of Earth they needed her to be, and for a while, she thought about washing out.

Because of this, she relies on friendship for self-confidence, tactics, and morale. Before Yoshika came in, Lynette Bishop was horribly insecure of her skills, about to give in to the demands and the pressure being in the Strike Witches gave her. It took her to get the marksman out of her room, and back into combat, to overcome it.


[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:14 am (UTC)(link)
When she opens up to close friends, Lynette can be active and energetic, much unlike her reserved persona... though she will naturally apologize when those outbursts attract confused looks, coming from a society where outbursts are considered bad manners. The witches are a highly informal lot, so open expressions of emotions are forgiven, to the point Lynette will feel open to express her feelings and hug her friends in moments of great emotion.

When she gives you her friendship, she will stand by you to the very end, with a devotion almost comparable to romance. Against all orders, against accusations of treason, and against logic. Stand against her friend, and forget about her insecurity: Lynette will stand against you.

In the sky, on the battlefield, despite these problems she has when she is off-duty, she can zero her own mind to focus on the battle in front of her. At first, she lacks the concentration to pull off precise shots that snipers would be required to do in combat situations, and often relies on her friends for both confidence and tactics to overcome these problems. In her first days on the skies, her shots will tend to be many and wild, and willing to get up-close to damage an enemy; as she gains experience, however, her shots will become less in quantity, but precise and unimaginably deadly when dealt against her enemies.

Even on these situations, not much changes about Lynette. She will still congratulate with great joy friends that accomplish great feats in battle, she is capable of having fun (and sometimes be as clumsy!) while on the skies when there is no conflict, and she will be rather reluctant to make “shield” tests with her own precision rifle.

The reason she joined the witches is because of the Neuroi. With the devastation they have brought on Europe, and the desire to save her home nation from the alien threat, her desire is to save as many as possible, regardless of how idealistic it may be. She is of the philosophy of saving everyone, because if you cannot save one person, you will not be able to save an entire country, let alone a continent.

Perhaps comparing her to her familiar, a scottish fold kitten, would be an easier way to understand Lynette Bishop: Shy, meek, playful, adorable, affectionate, a bit too bumbling, and one of the best friends you'd ever have; but when on the job, deadly, quick, and precise, without losing the loving traits that define her.

Capabilities and Resources: As a Witch, she can project her own shields to defend herself and others from energy attacks that could even tear a naval ship in half, and fly with the use of either a Strike Unit or a broom. However, continuous activity and use of her abilities can drain a witch of her magic, to the point that a Witch is probably best left to rest after an extended and difficult battle, because otherwise her shields could betray her during a battle. Or worse, her Strike Unit would be unable to start up.

Her special ability among the Witches is Ballistic Stabilization, which solidly places her as the Witches' designated sharpshooter. This perpetual ability allows her to control the flight of projectiles to a limited extent, by charging magical energy into the shots to increase their effectiveness, increase their velocities and masses, and overall increase the effectiveness of the bullets (and other objects on the air) to increase their precision and damage to critical levels (By the start of Season 2, one shot by Lynette with a Boys anti-tank .55in Rifle can tear a hole into a Neuroi).


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Player Name: Eric
Personal LJ: [ profile] overbringer
AIM Contact: EricOverbringer
Character Name: Hayato Jin
Source Canon: Getter Robo
Community Tag: Hayato Jin

Notes: Our Getter Robo canon is a horrifying mashup of all the various incarnations of the series, but the Main one would be Getter Robo Armageddon.


Personality: Hayato is a sociopath. He has no compunctions about lying to, harming, or even killing other people if he thinks it helps him in his goals, even if the person in question is a close friend. He relishes bending others to his will by way of violence and enjoys having power. On top of that he is in incredibly physical condition and has genius level intelligence. In short, he has all the ear marks of a villain from a crime drama. Which it's why it's so surprising that he's not one.

Hayato's goals, as it turns out, involving fighting the enemies of mankind and saving the world. He is unequivically a good guy, he just feels no guilt or sadness when ordering men to their deaths if that's what the best course of action is. He isn't the type to give in to fear or panic, keeping a cool head when faced with overwhelming odds or certain doom. If anything, he seems to relish such situations, in a morbid sort of way. To those who haven't known Hayato long, he is a goddamn mystery. Usually distant and emotionally detached, with occasional outbursts of extreme violence.

Hayato IS capable of forming friends. There are only four people he ever considered friends to date: Ryoma Nagare, Musashi Tomoe (now dead), Benkei Kuruma, and Michuru Saotome (also dead.). He feels a great deal of guilt over the death of Michuru (The only person for who this is the case.) and a smoldering anger at the bad reputation Musashi got for his heroic sacrifice that stopped the dinosaur empire while unfortunately also blowing up New York. God save you if he hears you talking smack about Musashi. He thinks Ryoma is an idiot, but goddamn the guy has got guts. If ever there was a man Hayato respected, it was Ryoma Nagare. He considers Benkei more or less his equal, recognizing that Benkei has the mental stability that he lacks.

As a UG@ specific thing, Hayato harbors an intense irritation for the low budget SatAM cartoon show that was created based on the getter team's own exploits fighting the dinosaur empire. He will have very little patience or sympathy for people who he catches enjoying the show.

There are very few things that Hayato fears, but there are some things. He fears the reckoning for what he feels he did to Michiru, which in his heart of hearts he believes he cannot escape. Also, he fears getter robo itself. More accurately, he is obsessed with getter robo, and fears that some day his obsession will destroy him, as the machine keeps on showing up in his life. He currently claims that the injuries he recieved during the Second Impact make him too weak physically to survive piloting the machine, which is why he has taken his current command position.

Capabilities and Resources: Hayato Jin has nigh superhuman strength and speed and genius level intelligence. On top of that, he has somehow managed to make himself the commander of a landcruiser and a small army of robots. He claims that he can't pilot anymore because of injuries of injuries, but this eventually turns out to be a load of crap.

Flagship Name: The Tower
Flagship Description: This "ship" is more of a mobile sky scraper. It serves as a docking bay, complete with the supplies needed to resupply and repair a robot army. It also contains living quarters, medical facilities, and even research labs and production lines. It's practically a small mobile city. It is armed mainly with missile launchers and anti-aircraft guns, but for a more personal touch it houses six mechanical arms ending in spikes that can strike at other large targets, draining the energy out of them which it can add to it's own reserves. It's also huge. Seriously enormous. You could probably fit some of the smaller battleships in the docking bay if you got a big hammer to force them in.


[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:14 am (UTC)(link)
Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: B
Sea: C
Space: D

Job: Commander

Suggested Event List: Due to the large cast size, this list might undergo editing. If it does, we shall inform the mods promptly

1 - Attack! Neo Getter Robo! - Hayato finds amnesiac Gou and recruits him to help fight the remains of the dinosaur empire in Neo Getter Robo. Together, they fight alongside the White Chalice against whatever other villain of the week and a Dinosaur empire guy in a mechasaurus. Part way through, it reveals that the reason the dinosaur empire has suddenly gained enough strength to make an appearance is that they've allied themselves with the invaders and have creepy alien powers.

2 - After the Blast - Shin Getter Dragon reappears and both the humans and the Dinosaur/Invader empire converge on it. During the battle, Benkei and Kei reappear and are confused. Through plot, Kei and Gou run into eachother and through the power of plot, Shin Getter Robo appears out of nowhere. Shin Getter Robo, piloted by Kei, Gou, and injured Benkei, fights off the enemies.

in between 2 and 3, people say they are scared of the Getter ray-powered Shin Getter Robo and it is sealed away, forcing them to use Neo Getter Robo.

3 Blood and Ice - The good guys save a base from a rampaging Invader. After a short noncombat sequence, the base is overcome by the thought-to-be-slain Invader, which has trapped a bunch of people inside of it and is using them as human shields. Kei, Gou and whoever are unable to force themselves to sacrifice the people inside the Invader, but at the last moment Ryoma comes out of nowhere in the Black Getter and, ignoring the trapped, doomed hostages, tears the Invader to tiny bits. It is inexplicably (to Gou, at least) Gou who recognizes him.

4 - The Awful Truth - Saotome appears and reveals that he is Kei's father. Kei and Gou go out to fight him only to end up absorbed by Shin Getter Dragon. Before the Dragon can use the genetic code contained in the two of them to finish activating, Benkei crashes a ship into Dragon, interrupting the process and causing the Dragon to spit them back out. They then go on to fight off Saotome and his Metal Beast.

in between 4 and 5 there may be a few random invaders as enemies on other missions as we search for Shin Getter Dragon.

5 - The Mansion Where the Onis Dwell - Shin Getter Dragon is found, but before it can be defeated, it uses magic getter powers to warp people back to some bizarre alternate history, where the Old Getter Team is forced to reclaim Getter Robo Classic (or Getter Robo G from a few Get Machines that fell off Shin Dragon and landed all over Ancient Japan) and battle the insane warlord/sorcerer/demon Seimei to escape back to the present

6 - Lone Wolf - Seimei returns, transformed into some sort of horrifying monster and starts some shit. After he is defeated he says that he was sent to warn everyone of the coming of the gods to destroy all contaminated by Getter Energy (Everyone).

7 - There Goes Ryoma - New Getter Robo Finale, the gods arrive and start fucking people up. Ryoma's black getter is the only machine that we have that currently actually uses Getter Rays, so he fucks them up (Other robots with magic green energy also work.). In the alternate reality where this battle happens, Ryoma meets the Getter Emperor who declares that Ryoma is not yet ready to join it. In a rage at being basically told to fuck off, Ryoma attacks the Getter Emperor head on. Everyone else is kicked out, and Ryoma is MIA.

8 - Revive! Shin Getter Robo! - The Dinosaur Empire attacks, and the only way to beat them is to unseal Shin Getter Robo. Neo Getter Robo goes to get it along with allies, but is destroyed. While the Neo pilots run around on foot trying to get to Shin Getter Robo, the other Player Characters fight off the Getter Prototypes. Finally Shin Getter Robo is reactivated and fucking destroys all enemies. While Shin Getter Robo is charging up, Ryoma reappears and buys time by punching dinosaurs. After the battle, Ryoma admits that has no idea what happened after he attacked the Getter Emperor.


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Setsuna F. Seiei 1/3?

[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:19 am (UTC)(link)
Player Name: Ethan
Personal LJ: [ profile] ideally_awesome
AIM Contact: Captain Gardock/

Character Name: Setsuna F. Seiei
Source Canon: Gundam 00
Community Tag: “Setsuna F. Seiei”


Notes: Aeolia Schenberg was among the first people to predict the Second Impact. His plan, set into motion after it, has one more official tenet than it did in canon: Celestial Being would rid the world of war in order to prevent what was left of the rebuilding human population from annihilating each other. After one or two adversarial encounters between Celestial Being and the White Chalice, Veda made the prediction that the White Chalice would ultimately serve far more of a role in preventing conflict than promoting it, and issued the Ptolemaios instructions to join its fleet until further notice. Thus, a somewhat uneasy truce was formed.

Personality: Setsuna is an impossible Gundam nut, according to Lockon (Neil). He deifies Gundams about as close to literally as one can use the word “deify” without him literally bowing down and praying to them. He's aware on a surface level that they're machines, but he prefers to think of them as almost an abstract concept, which is how people and organizations (and songs, sometimes) can Be Gundam. To Setsuna, Gundams are something between sacred guardians of peace and the personification of peace itself. Rather iconically, he wants to become one.

He's not a very well-adjusted kid, is the thing. He displays little emotion, but he's not quite the soulless android type even on the surface—he gets angry, for example, just fine, and in extremely dramatic fashion. Aside from the fact that his development was stunted by the whole child soldier thing too early for him to have any social skills, the main problem is his one-track mind. He doesn't shut off his emotions to keep them from interfering with the mission so much as his obsessions and neuroses keep him too busy for most of the appropriate, getting-along-with-people emotions.

There is a scene, early in the series, in which Setsuna is sitting in a public square, minding his own business, where he briefly, vividly hallucinates a bomb striking the area and killing everyone but him. His total lack of reaction suggests it happens frequently; he's almost as haunted by war and his traumatic time in the KPSA as he is obsessed with Gundam's potential to end it. He has an established disdain for people who get melodramatic about problems that don't involve unspeakable death and carnage (Louise).

Setsuna has trouble with conversations. It's not that he doesn't want to talk, it's just that the things he's interested in talking about have a way of silencing everyone else. He's always thinking about war and suffering and religion and human nature and has very little concept of what is or is not a good time to ask someone a deep, difficult philosophical question. Similarly, he tends to relate everything he hears to his heavy musings (which is facilitated by every single subject of discussion in the 00 universe relating to the heavy stuff he muses about, but still).

The specific questions Setsuna is always asking himself and others are what makes the world so twisted—senseless, chaotic, in UGA's case almost destroyed, and full of war and hatred—and what the key is to undoing that distortion. He comes up with a lot of answers for the former, but the latter—aside from Gundam—he ultimately decides is understanding. I guess what I'm saying is that Setsuna is the Heart of Space.

I am a Gundam.

[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:20 am (UTC)(link)
Capabilities and Resources: Aside from basic access to Celestial Being's resources, Setsuna is a normal human. For now. Once he becomes an Innovator, he'll basically be a Newtype. Telepathy, the ability to sense the feelings of others, enhanced reflexes/precognition, the works.

Robot Name: Gundam Exia
Robot Description:
Real Robot
GN Drive (excellent power source + automatic communications/radar interference)
Trans-AM system (unlocked via plot event; temporary dramatic performance boost, followed by weakened performance until the GN Drive recharges)
High agility; jumps and flips around a lot when on the ground
GN Beam Pistol
GN Beam Vulcans (on opposite arm)
Seven Swords System (comprising all of the following)
GN Sword (Arm-mounted physical sword, main weapon)
GN Blade x2 (One-handed physical swords, one short, one long)
GN Beam Saber x2
GN Beam Dagger x2 (miniature beam sabers used as throwing weapons)

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: A

Upgrades: I will submit the 00 Gundam/-Raiser description along with the Season 2 event list after I canon review Season 2. Also Qan-T and the movie I guess!

Job: Gundam

Suggested Event List: My plan is to skip the very beginning of the series just to have the CB pilots on-base without an intro mission. And as stated above, I'm just worrying about S1 events until S2 rolls around.

MISSION: No particular episode - Celestial Being, along with the White Chalice, carries out an armed intervention against two warring factions. This can be lifted straight from 00 canon or integrated with another series, depending on which is more convenient. Graham Aker and his Flag should probably be involved at the end.

MISSION: Episodes 6-7 – Exia is upgraded with the Seven Swords System pre-mission. The AEU, a European government alliance, holds a joint military exercise with the country of Moralia. Team Protagonists, as I shall henceforth call CB+White Chalice, responds to this obvious challenge. There, Setsuna duels an Enact piloted by Ali al-Saachez, stepping out of his cockpit to confirm the man's identity. Saachez retreats when people start shooting at him to save Setsuna's dumb ass.

Ryoma Nagare 1/3

[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:32 am (UTC)(link)
Player Name: Ethan
Personal LJ: [ profile] ideally_awesome
AIM Contact: Captain Gardock
Character Name: Ryoma Nagare
Source Canon: Getter Robo
Community Tag: “Ryoma Nagare”

Background: Some links for the canons:

Notes: We're not exactly playing any one Getter canon, but an amalgam (or, appropriately, gattai) of all three of the OVAs—we worked it out via a lot of group planning. Someone will PM the mod account with a somewhat long full summary of the AUed backstory—it's just a specific combination of the canons I'm linking via Wiki.

Personality: On any team without Hayato on it, Ryoma would be The Crazy One. He's callous, hyper-aggressive, and prideful, lives like a bit of a good-old-fashioned bum, and is almost (almost) literally incapable of feeling fear. If you mess with his mind, you can get results, but if it's a matter of physical confrontation? He doesn't back down from a fight, period, fuck you. No matter how insane the odds against him are. All around, the simple explanation is that he's what you get when a shounen hero gets a good roid rage on: so hot-blooded he's an asshole. Of course, like a shounen hero, he's not necessarily super bright. Even with his years of battle experience, his greatest weaknesses are impulsivity and stubbornness.

According to the manga, he learned everything he knows both about karate and about interacting the with the world around him via unrelenting, insane violence from his father. He considers the life philosophy he inherited to be a manly, warrior spirit kind of thing, which in a sense it is. Still, the end result is that his idea of fun is deliberately pissing off the Yakuza so he can beat up their thugs. Fortunately, this works out well because he's a ridiculously good fighter, whether in Getter Robo or on foot.

Of course, if Ryoma were an asshole through and through, he'd be more of a villain protagonist. You could almost think of him as being rough around the edges but with a heart of gold. Sure, “rough” is rough enough to sand your skin off, and the gold needs some polishing, but there is a basic, antiheroic sense of morality at his core. He never takes his need for a fight out on someone who doesn't want to fight back. He might have some disdain for the weak, or at least those he considers weak, but he'll protect them if they need protection—because fuck bad guys, that's why. He loves battle in general, but nothing could make him stop fighting to protect the world.

He is also well-acquainted with the concept of the bromance. As far as the Getter team goes, he and his copilots can read each other's minds, and they have each other's backs—even if they really don't seem to get along. Even if he's kind of intent on killing one of them for betraying him years ago. They're still patching things up. Hayato and Benkei have never been his only “soft” spots, though. It's hard to tell when exactly Ryoma starts considering you a friend, or respecting you at least, but after a while it gradually becomes obvious. He'll do anything to protect a friend, and God help his enemies if he fails.

Actually it's just two comments. Hey look THERE GOES RYOMA

[identity profile] 2011-06-07 05:34 am (UTC)(link)
Capabilities and Resources: Ryoma was probably the top martial artist either in Japan or on Earth (the distinction between Japan and Neo Japan can be a running joke if we get G Gundam). The man essentially has superpowers if you need someone's ass kicked. He also apparently knows Getter Robo itself well enough to repair a heavily damaged one.

Robot Name: Black Getter (modified Getter Robo/Getter-1)
Robot Description: Super Robot
Balanced armor and speed, high offensive abilities
Two extra cockpits, but cannot uncombine
Getter ray reactor modified to pretend there are three pilots with just one
Sharp, retractable spikes on knuckles of each hand
Sharp blades on right forearm
Machine guns x2 (dual-wieldable)
Getter Tomahawk (small hand axe made of condensed Getter rays; can generate essentially infinite number and throw them like boomerangs)
Getter Beam (weaponized Getter rays; can be turned into a scattershot via Getter Wing)

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: A
Sea: C
Space: A

Upgrades: Two of these! The first will be used temporarily before going back to Black Getter. See event list.

Upgraded Robot Name: Getter Robo G/Getter Dragon
Upgraded Robot Description: Super Robot
Similar combat abilities to Getter-1; stronger weapons, much faster
Actually can uncombine and recombine with copilots and their respective forms
Chainsaw blades on each forearm
Double-edged Getter Tomahawk (can have a longer hilt too, but not necessarily)
Getter Beam (tiny pewpew forehead laser edition)
Shine Spark (requires three pilots in mental sync; charges body with highly concentrated Getter rays and launches them at the enemy)

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: S
Sea: C
Space: A

Upgraded Robot Name: Shin Getter Robo/Getter-1
Upgraded Robot Description: Super Robot
Vastly more powerful, fast enough to leave afterimages
Uncombining and recombining etc.
Extendable forearm blades
Battle Wing (basically just attacking with wings)
Huge double-edged Getter Tomahawk (can be spawned many at a time or in larger sizes by using more energy)
Getter Scythe (alternative to Tomahawk)
Getter Beam (normal pink energy, belly-fired version)
Getter Beam (slightly smaller, green energy, fired from forehead)
Stoner Sunshine (similar principle to Shine Spark, but much more powerful and formed into an energy ball and thrown)

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: S
Sea: C
Space: S

Job: He will at some point get the idea to run a dojo on the ship for anyone who wants to learn some hand-to-hand combat. It will be terrifying.

Suggested Event List: Eric already posted it.

Sample Post: Testrun (

Joshua Castellano Preston

[identity profile] 2011-06-08 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
At moderator request, redid my application in the journal! You can find it here. (

Ryo Masaoka

[identity profile] 2011-06-08 03:08 am (UTC)(link)
Application can be found here (

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Player Name: Lorelei
Personal LJ: plaid_boots
AIM Contact: howmuchineedyou
Character Name: Adette Kistler
Source Canon: Overman King Gainer
Community Tag: Adette Kistler

Notes: Adette will be lurking around on the Exodus, causing general mayhem in a sad attempt at stopping the Exodus from within, alone, foiled by the simplest of things. Until certain events happen, she counts as a villain?
She is free to pilot any of the extra Overmen she chooses, though she'll focus mostly on the Power Golem

Background: Adette Kistler is the youngest child of three siblings. She grew up with a quite ordinary family, in a ordinary home, inside the Domepolii. From an early age Adette excelled in sports, usually even outrunning all the boys. And try as they might, they never managed to catch her.

Adette was a highly competitive child, having to constantly compete with her two older brothers, and being the smallest, she had a lot of prove to be accepted.

When Adette was seven, her parents where killed in an accident, constructing materials fell from a crane, due to faulty rigging. They where crushed to death instantly. After that, Adette was raised by her older brothers. And though they did the best they could do, the lost of her parents destroyed her family. Her brother could no longer be her best friends, they had to be her parents when they themselves where merely teenagers. Adette had to become more self sufficient, and less tender. She had to harden part of herself against the world, and mature faster than other girls her own age to cope with the situation at home.

Thought, looking back, she doesn't hate her brothers for the way they raised her, nor could she blame fate for her parents death. These things taught her life simply happens. You cannot stop some things, but you can rise above them but going with the flow of the time.

As she grew older, and flourished, there where few boys at school who didn't want to be her friend. It was empowering to her, having been the scrawny, tom-boy of a little sister, to grow into the body of a very blessed and well endowed, young woman. It was easy enough in high school, for her to get straight A's and hardly crack a book, so she had plenty of time to make friendships that might prove handy in the future.

After Graduating, Adette put her lot in with the Siberian Railway Patrol. Not because she was particularly patriotic, or cared much for the railways, but she had an old boyfriend who knew the right people where in need of someone like her.

Now that she was an official badge-toting, gun wielding, terror on rails, she found she was rather good at the job; it was the perfect culmination of her natural talents that made her and her team so successful. And though drama will always follow a beautiful woman, Adette has always defused it but either admitting to the rumors, and or simply laughing them off, and moving on. She has high hopes for her life, though is too free spirited to believe she will be with the Railway Patrol forever. When she looks across the frozen Siberian tundra part of her longs to know what out there, beyond the horizon.

[identity profile] 2011-06-08 05:05 am (UTC)(link)

Personality: At first glance Adette appears to be tough, bossy, and controlling. As far as her job with the Siberian Railway Patrol is concerned, she is all this and more. She is a dedicated worker, which is to say, Adette is a bit on a control freak. A group of individuals will not accomplish anything if they are not working together, with an expert plan, from a fearless leader. So thought she is quick to shout or threaten people if it means reaching her objective more efficiently, she is just as quick to laugh it off, and say 'I told you so!' when the mission has been successfully completed.

Most of her motivation is fueled by her true selfishness. It's not as if Adette believes the world revolves around her, or that she should do nothing to earn her keep, she does think of herself first, and always. She is not afraid to use hwe charisma, or natural endowments to sway a decision in her favor, and flirting with powerful men is just another way to gain favor. Outside of her Railway Patrol uniform, like all women, Adette can play many roles when the occasion arises.

Adette believes, wholeheartedly, in love oneself first; and that this line of thinking is truly a virtue and not a sin. She believes she is perfect and glorious, in every manner, just the way god made her. She is not afraid of who she is, and makes no apologizes for herself if she offends, and expects everyone to simply accept it and move it, just as she does to them.

Though her flaw are numerous, her virtues are many.

Adette will always use her knowledge, skills and strength to serve the people. Of course, she would take her own share first, but only what she needs, is happy to share the spoils of victory with any who will side with her. Charisma could only get her so far, but Adette's keen sense of tactics and decisions put her on top more often than behind, so it's hard to disagree with results. All someone has to do is ask her nicely and call her 'Big-sis' and she'll do what ever she can to help, as long as it doesn't disrupt her own plans

Underneath all the crass words, and bossy behavior, like everyone, Adette has a tender side as well. Part of her is still the little girl from the Domepolis, she longs for things just like anyone else- love, acceptance, and belonging. She doesn't really care where she finds it, as long as it is honest and true. Thought Adette may seem greedy, it is only because she afraid. Afraid that if she does not fend for herself, then she will be forgotten, and lost.

This same self sufficiency, grew into a wanderlust, which she hides away from her Siberian Railroad Patrol friends. Every time she sees the open tundra speeding by the trains, she wonders what could be out there, what kind of a life could she find out there beyond the snow, and ice. What treasures lay just beyond the horizon. She wouldn't just go; it would be foolish to leave a secure job, home, and life, to adventure off alone through the frozen wilderness, but it is fun to dream about.

She will never back down for a dare, or if someone thinks she cannot do something, she will do it simply to prove that she is capable of doing it.

Capabilities and Resources:Currently Adette is a Military Officer with the Siberian railroad Patrol. She is in tight (as in dating) her Superior officer Yassaba Jin, and this, along with her ability to produce results, have earned her high regard in the Siberian Railway Patrol. She has proficient abilities in piloting both simple mechs, as well as Overman.


[identity profile] 2011-06-08 07:59 am (UTC)(link)
Player Name: Jisu
Personal LJ: [ profile] friendshipbeam
AIM Contact: ColorKidLalaPink
Character Name: Milfeulle Sakuraba
Source Canon: Galaxy Angel (game verse)
Community Tag: milfeulle sakuraba

♥ Milfie route is the canon route, but it's really up to Tact (if and when we get him) which route the story goes with. However, the main plot doesn't change too much between routes, with the exception of a few missions run differently, and if need be, we can combine aspects of different routes (for example, if a Forte apps in and wants to do the mission "Trusting Your Back", which only features in her own route).
♥ Of all the games, only the first two, Galaxy Angel and Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers, have received fan translations. Because Moonlit Lovers is so heavily reliant upon the assumption of a previous relationship (or lack thereof, in Chitose's route) and we have no Tact, I have composed the tentative mission list completely from the first game. Canonmates apping in are free to add stuff from the second. (Or the third, or the sequel series, but those aren't translated and would have to be apped in detail.)
♥ This story revolves around moving across solar systems, unearthing technology from ancient space civilizations, and stabilizing power on a random planet with a moon that's actually a space station. It... may require rewrites to fit the plot. Lots of them. We can work this out.

Background: Wiki! (


[identity profile] 2011-06-08 08:00 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: At first, Milfeulle (her friends call her Milfie!) is not so much a person who makes things happen as a person things happen to. She's easy to please when her teammates are critical, she accepts a lot of things without questioning them for long, and she's so used to strange things happening around her that she can act perfectly normal while the people around her are panicking. She's spent her whole life either blessed or cursed with incredible luck, making her a walking probability nullifier; she's excited when she wins the lottery and upset when her cake catches fire, to be sure, but she's become used to the fact that life happens around her and she's just along for the ride.

As her story moves on, this starts to change, especially in her own route. Though she always appears cheerful, Milfie has always been aware that her luck is a pain that other people have to deal with, and she apologizes whenever it affects somebody else badly. Meeting Tact, who thinks that the odd characteristics of the Angels are fun and interesting rather than scary or annoying, starts to change Milfie's mind about how her luck affects others and how it affects herself. When her dress catches fire at Fargo, another example of the bad side of her luck, she's convinced that she's only a bother for everyone, but the events that transpire after cause her to think that she can make the best of her bad luck and use her good luck to her advantage. As the story moves on and she is assured that there is a good side to the strange things that happen to her, she decides to take charge of what happens as best she can. She finally takes charge of the crazy things that happen around her ("Please... let me become a goddess of luck!") and, for the first and only time, nullifies the probability of the situation directly and willingly.

Afterwards, when it seems that what she's just done has used up all her luck and she can no longer pilot Lucky Star, she goes to live a normal life outside of the military. This decision is stranger than if Mint, Vanilla (both of whom are civilians who only have military rank because of their aptitude as Angels) or Ranpha (who wanted to marry rich and retire) had left, because Milfie had gone to military school and had enjoyed being with everyone more than anything else. At this point, the way her luck had tied in with her ability to pilot was apparent (even though Lucky Star's instability and its moveset had made it obvious beforehand) and now that both were gone, she felt not so much free as trapped. She was angry at being told that she couldn't help when a later threat appeared, and she really did want to fight. Of course, her luck and her Angel status return when she needs them, and from then on, she's her usual self again. Mostly.

Milfeulle is a cheerful, friendly airhead. She doesn't really know what else to be. She misread a carton of eggplant seeds as egg plant seeds and thought they were some alien plant that grew eggs (this makes more sense in the Japanese version, since the crate was labelled in English and Milfie didn't know the word for eggplant, but either way, she's still pretty dense). She also saw nothing wrong with wanting to retreat when she and the others were being chased by a swarm of AI enemies because it was "scary". Overall, she's a good-natured derpcase. Even though Ranpha has spent her entire life in Milfie's shadow because her hard work never beats out Milfie's dumb luck, and even though Ranpha keeps on being inconvenienced by Milfie and lets her know it, Milfie keeps calling her "best friend" and hanging around her (although, as previously mentioned, she really does know that she's a pain to Ranpha). Milfie will try her best to be anyone's friend and she'll happily help them befriend anybody else if they ask.


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Char Aznable: Mobile Suit Gundam

[identity profile] 2011-06-09 12:35 am (UTC)(link)
[click] (
Edited 2011-06-09 00:35 (UTC)

[identity profile] 2011-06-09 03:01 am (UTC)(link)
Player Name: Lorelei
Personal LJ: plaid_boots
AIM Contact: howmuchineedyou
Character Name: Kensuke Aida
Source Canon: Evangelion: Angelic Days
Community Tag: Kensuke Aida
Background: Original cannon
Angelic days cannon (only slightly different)

Kensuke Aida is a hard core war enthusiast. He studies and adores tanks, planes, ships, and mecha, as well as the glory, valor and courage they signify in his mind. When Kensuke isn't trying to sneak onto secret military locations to get a glimpse of their machines through his camera lens, or playing the solitary reenactor, he spends his time studying histories, memorizing dates and tactics. These histories are his fairy tales, stories of great heroes and villains, who rose and fell in the great tides of time. It was only a natural progression from there to comic books or manga, video games, and model building.
Kensuke is a avid war reenactor/role player, except the, he does it alone. Spending many nights out in open fields, camping in a surplus military tent, and playing with replica rifles. This is a prime example of his inward loner side.

His mother died tragically when he was very young. His father is a scientist at NERV, and is never home; often in America, at NERV's second branch in Nevada working on... well Kensuke had no idea what he was working on. But since his mother died his father is rarely home. Twice a year maybe, and when he is it's only for a few days at a time. But, Kensuke is used to being on his own. It’s neither negative nor positive to him, only the way things are. It has taught him to be a self sufficient, and independent person.

In high school he finally began to learn to interact with others; to put down the comic books long enough to meet people. Despite himself, Kensuke warms up to new people very quickly, and believes in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. He can be just as happy when alone with this thoughts and fantasies, as he could be with even his best friends.
At school, and when around his friends, Kensuke is a bright, intelligent young man, he seems to never let anything get him to upset or worried. That is unless he's worried about the well being of his best friends, Shinji and Touji.
He has a bit of a crush on Asuka, and while he’s not afraid to show it, she flusters him quite a bit. Part of him longs for her affection, or perhaps, any affection from a woman, to fill the part of his heart left void since his mother died...
In battle he is mostly cool and collected, if not fun loving. His whole life he dreamed of being a mecha pilot, so despite the anguish that goes along with it, he loves being an Evangelion pilot along with his class mates and best friends.

Capabilities and Resources: Kensuke's father (and late mother) work for Nerv, maybe this is how he came to be a pilot, he doesn't know, but what he dose know is the health insurance is good, and he gets all his glasses for free. Other wise, he's a wise cracking, mecha loving, military Otaku fan boy.

[identity profile] 2011-06-09 03:01 am (UTC)(link)

Robot Name: Evangelion Unit 04
Robot Description:

Unit 04 was created at NERV's Second branch in Nevada. It was the original test subject for the s2 engines, but, after repeated failures with the s2 engine, it was relocated to NERV's first branch in Tokyo 3 to be used in the fight against the angels until the s2 engines where further developed. Unit 04 contains the Soul of Mrs. Aida, Kensuke's mother, and wife of a prominent scientist on the original Eva project (Kensuke Father). Unit 04 more refine than others, being the 5th model off the line, it has been given greater movement and improved sync sensors compared to the other units. The mother within is more tightly bound, decreasing the chance for it go to 'berserk'. It's on board weaponry include: explosive shoulder spikes (like Unit 2 had in End of Eva), Basic Pallet gun, shield, and Smash Hawk ( Due to Kensuke's lack of manic emotions, he has a very hard time using his AT field, and can only deploy it when he works very hard at it.
Unit 04 cannot Fly, nor swim. Once in water it cannot move at all.
In truth it is not a robot at all, but a strange sort of monster held tightly in its cage of armor, trying to break free. But you already knew this.
Terrain Stats:

Job: Student

Suggested Event List: As kensuke is the lest important pilot, and has no battle's that are important to his plot line, I'm happy to go along with whatever Events other Eva players want to do. I would like to do 'Magma Diver' if we end up Asuka-less.

Sample Post: Kensuke cursed, as put his finger in his mouth, the metallic taste of blood kissed his tongue, he winced and tried to move on from the pain.
On the table before him where trays and trays of tiny plastic bits, which would, in time, come together to form a scale model of fictional giant robot.
But in the process of cutting the pieces from the tray, dear Kensuke had instead, cut off a piece of his finger.
Pulling the wounded digit out of his mouth, he looked at it, hoping it would look better than it felt, but alas, the blood was gushing out of it, the tip completely removed and laying on the table.
So he stuck it back in his mouth, picked up his bag and stepped into his shoes, before heading out the door.
At first he wasn't sure if he should go to the hospital for stitches, or if the bleeding would stop on his own.
Unable to make a decision on the matter, he went to Shinji's apartment, and rung the bell. When Misato answered the door, Kensuke stuck his bleeding hand out to her, careful not to drip on her shoes.
"Miss Misato, do you think I'm going to be alright, or are we going to have to cut it off?" His grin split his face nearly in half, and though the look of shock on Misato's face was genuine, as where her demands they go to the clinic to get him stitches, he couldn't help but laugh.
"I didn't mean to scare you Miss Misato, I just knew if I didn't go to the hospital you might be mad at me, and if I went alone, you might be mad for not reporting to you first." He shrugged, and put his finger back in his mouth, snickering behind it as Misato began to lecture him on safety using tools, or something. Kensuke was to much in awe of her car and her cleavage to listen to much of what she was saying.
"This won't hinder me in the Eva will it?!" Was Kensuke only real concern. The finger would heal, the blood would dry, and the model mech would get built, eventually...

Van Flyheight 1/3

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Player Name: MaxSalsa
Personal LJ: neodude0
Contact: [SKYPE] neodude0, [AIM] TheSalsaJar
Character Name: Van Flyheight
Source Canon: Zoids: Chaotic Century
Community Tag: Van Flyheight

Notes: I would be just fine if we never got around to missions based on Zoids canon events; I'm of the opinion that "boss battles" in Zoids series were excuses to sell models of units that never showed up in the anime otherwise, but I can run with these and/or research more if desired. I like the character of Van himself, though, plenty enough to be worth playing. Zeke is an NPC by virtue of having intelligence on par with a druid's companion animal, but Fiona is open and I don't particularly mind if someone wants to app her; IIRC she's a capable engineer.

Background: [ Link: ]

Personality: More than anything, Van places his friends first. While he runs hot-blooded in combat, if one of his friends takes heavy fire or someone is threatened, he's there, doing his best to protect everyone. He also subscribes to the "defeat means friendship" school of enemy dispatching; even while taking on his enemies, he tries to find out why they fight and proposes ways to solve everyone's problems without violence. A decent amount of this philosophy may stem from his father's valiant death protecting Van's village some years prior. Van's mech, his Shield Liger, helps in this regard.

Outside of combat, Van is easygoing - perhaps a bit too easygoing, as he tends to be caught off-guard a bit too easily and has a bad habit of forgetting to properly address senior officers - and friendly to anyone who talks to him. He can often be found in the mess hall and will eat most anything offered; his favorite food is papaya, but an incident in the past left him cautious that one might fly before he could eat it. Failing that, he's in the hangar, either talking to Zeke or lending a hand to unit maintenance, and is sympathetic to damaged units.

Left to his own devices, Van occasionally returns to his room to think about his past and the events that brought him to the White Chalice: Second Impact, his father's death defending the village from bandits, learning about the state of the world, exploring the ruins from wars past, eventually finding Zeke and Fiona, and their journey so far. He keeps a journal in his room, and occasionally writes letters to his sister in the (unlikely) event there's a convenient way to get mail out.

Dealing with other pilots, Van is somewhat competitive, but when the stakes are high he's all business. He strives to be the best pilot and to be good enough to let everyone else focus their efforts on other problems... or even to just let him deploy alone and take care of business himself. Failure on a mission hits Van hard, but eventually he just dumps his shame into work, training and making sure the Liger is ready so he won't lose again; too many people are depending on him for that.

Capabilities and Resources: Aside from his mech, Van has befriended the Organoid Zeke, a human-sized intelligent mech that looks like a lizard with a long tail, though it walks upright. As an Organoid, Zeke can fuse with a full-size mech to improve its usability across the board, and can even move (though not engage with) a mech it is inside; given some time, an Organoid can even repair damaged mechs, so long as the core is intact. Van can pilot alone, but Zeke gives the Shield Liger its personality, aside from making it easier to pilot and a (noticeable) margin more powerful.

Van Flyheight 2/3

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Robot Name: Shield Liger
Robot Description: The Shield Liger is a real robot that looks much like a lion, complete with teeth, painted blue across most of its surfaces, with an orange cockpit hatch and shiny golden-painted claws. Its main claim to fame is a forward-facing shield emitter in its mane, giving it superior protection against frontal attacks, though its back is left open; repeated or severe blows can weaken or offline the shield, in which some time is needed for the system to cool before it comes online again. It is also equipped with a triple-barrel cannon, a double-barrel beam cannon, and missile pods; unusually for mecha, it can also engage in melee combat by pouncing and mauling. While capable of underwater and space operation, the Shield Liger excels at neither. Aside from running jumps, which its design lends itself well to, and acrobatic feats, the Shield Liger cannot fly. Combat outside atmosphere has never been attempted in any Liger-class unit (or indeed in really any Zoid) but assuming the cockpit remains sealed could feasibly work, though limited boosters on the Shield Liger make it less useful for such a purpose.
[ Link: ]
Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: B
Sea: D
Space: C

Upgrades: Just one; see the event list for possible timing, though I'm open to suggestions on alternate routes.
Upgraded Robot Name: Blade Liger
Upgraded Robot Description: An upgraded Shield Liger, the unit's shape hasn't really changed but its loadout has gotten one big overhaul: the addition of steel-based laser blades, capable of cutting through most lightly- and moderately-armored targets like butter, though heavily-armored units are tough to slice. There are also laser blasters mounted on the ends of the blades, usable when they are in a neutral position over the Liger's back. Additionally, a new booster unit boosts the Blade Liger's speed by almost 50%, enabling long leaps and extreme vertical height, though it still cannot fly outright. Combat outside atmosphere has never been attempted in any Liger-class unit (or indeed in really any Zoid) but assuming the cockpit remains sealed could feasibly work, and the improved booster system lends itself to space combat decently... as do the new lasers.
[ Link: ]
Terrain Stats:
Land: S
Air: A
Sea: D
Space: B

Suggested Event List:
1) Raven, ace pilot of the Guylos Empire, obtains a Geno Saurer (a tyrannosaurus-like mech); seeking revenge, he seeks out [Van/the party] with intent to murder. If Van is piloting the Shield Liger, canon says it is shot down and almost melted to slag; this triggers its rebirth into the Blade Liger, but puts Van out of action for a few days while this rebirth happens. If Van is already piloting the Blade Liger (something else popped the Shield Liger), canonically the fight is difficult but winnable. [Canon episodes 22-25]
2) Prozen, royal advisor of the Guylos Empire, finally revives the Death Saurer (Godzilla, mech edition) and tries to use it to take over both the Empire and the Republic; it goes out of control and puts the Empire's capital at risk of destruction. The party, possibly including old enemies, must shoot it down before it glasses the capital. [Canon episodes 32-34]
3) [Finale] Months or even years after the Death Saurer is destroyed, Van and Fiona's search finally leads them to the Zoid Eve, the thing Fiona has been searching for since she was awakened by Van. In the Valley of the Rare Hertz lies the ruins of an ancient Zoidian city, and in it the Zoid Eve, which gives life to all Zoids; once again, Prozen is here, revealing the previous Death Saurer was a clone, and he is now in the original, able to destroy all life from the place it stands. One last showdown remains to save the world. [Canon episodes 65-67]

Tobia Arronax

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Player Name: Prof
Personal LJ: [ profile] professor_prof
AIM Contact: ZebulonCrispi
Character Name: Tobia Arronax
Source Canon: Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
Community Tag: tobia arronax

Notes: Kincaid apped first and has my missions. I'd totally be cool with doing Tobia VS X-2 during a mission, though!


Tobia Arronax isn’t quite your typical Gundam hero. He’s young, awkward, flaily, and doesn’t know the second thing about piloting a mobile suit. He’s got a healthy bit of ego, but isn’t a jerk about it. He actually pays attention to girls.

This all being said, there is definitely a more protagonist-y side to him as well. He responds to fear with impulsive courage. He suffers from an intense desire to protect everybody, including the less evil of his enemies. He doesn’t know how to pilot, but he learns it very quickly. He’s a naive idealist who wants to see a future where everyone can live together in peace.

Tobia is a newtype. However, he doesn’t seem to even be aware of this for a long time. When he does find out, it doesn’t really change how he acts or thinks, aside from doing it faster - he doesn’t consider newtypes to be superior to oldtypes, just good at different things. Sure, space’s Newtypes can understand the intentions of othes and almost see the future - but can they walk ten miles in a day under gravity? This is one of Tobia’s major standing points as a character, and his main disagreement with the villains of the series.

In addition to being a hero and a newtype, there’s one more thing that Tobia inexorably is: A pirate, albeit a good-natured one. The rules and laws of society are very much just guidelines in his mind - even those established by his allies. When he thinks the girl he likes might be in trouble for being Dogatie’s daughter, he plants bombs all over his own ship in case he needs to stage a one-man mutiny - then later, like a true improviser, he uses those bombs against the instigators of a real mutiny when he doesn’t need them himself. He considers being a pirate a point of pride - when rescuing someone who “doesn’t belong to him”, he justifies it as plunder.

Capabilities and Resources: Nothing special

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Robot Name: Pez Batara
Robot Description:
The Pez Batara is a mass-production mobile suit designed for attacking enemy battleships. It is cumbersome and nearly helpless in a head-on fight against another mobile suit, best used either as part of a team or against large, heavily-armored targets.

The mobile suit is armed with some simple missile launchers for self defense, and has a shield on its right arm, but its primary weapon is the Beam Axe mounted all along the front of the body of the suit. When active, the Pez Batara functionally becomes a giant axe, hurling itself towards large, immobile, or otherwise easy-to-hit targets to inflict serious damage.

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: B
Sea: C
Space: B

Beyond this, Tobia will largely pilot whatever is available, not getting a custom suit of his own until late in canon.

Robot Name: Gundam Crossbone X-3
Robot Description:
A marked improvement over the Pez Batara, the Crossbone Gundam X-3 strikes a balance between the diversity of X-1 and the melee powerhouse capabilities of X-2, in addition to a few tricks of its own. Its primary weapon is the Muramasa Blaster, an enormous sword-like weapon with no edge. When the safey is released, fourteen ports open on the sides of the sword (seven on each side) and smaller beam saber blades deploy from them, turning it into a beam saw. When reach is a problem, all fourteen ports can be closed in favor of a single port on the end of the sword, producing a single beam saber of enormous length.

The X-3 is not wanting for weapons. In addition to the Muramasa, it has vulcan cannons in the chest and head, daggers hidden in the feet and calves, two beam sabers at its hips, a beam pistol, and a cutlass-shaped powerful beam saber called a Beam Zanber. The pistol and zanber can combine to form a long-range beam weapon called a Zanbuster.

In terms of defense, the X-3’s greatest saving grace is its I-Field. Each hand can produce an I-Field from the palm for a limited time before it has to recharge. The recharge time is over twice the activation time, though, so even if the hands are activated in sequence, there will still be a brief window during which the Gundam is vulnerable.

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: A

Job: Student, pirate

Suggested Event List: Covered already.

Sample Post:


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Nadia Cross (OC)

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Player Name: Prof
Personal LJ: [ profile] professor_prof
AIM Contact: ZebulonCrispi
Character Name: Nadia Cross
Source Canon: Gundam Ragnarok (OC)
Community Tag: nadia cross

Notes: Others might show up first, but Nadia is officially the main character of this OC canon.

-7AI: In order to combat a now-forgotten sinister organization, a group of five elite young mobile suit pilots called Terra Nova is formed. The leader is 16-year-old hot-blooded youth Lachlan Kasimara. His wingmates are Gabriel Cross, Levente Vasileos, Truman Aristotle, and Annabelle Faust, Truman's fiancee. They fight an idealistic battle against the forces of evil.

-4AI: Three years after the forming of Terra Nova, their original enemies have been defeated, and they have moved on to go around the world in general, making it a better place by fighting villains. On the colony 8088, known locally as Rauha, Gabriel's daughter is born. Her mother, Laurent Cross, gives her the name Nadia.

0AI: The Second Impact happens. Nadia and her mother survive unharmed due to being in space, but Terra Nova is on Earth for the worst of it. They endure the natural disasters, only to witness endless atrocities committed by people against their fellow man in this time of crisis. Annabelle dies, as does Gabriel.

1AI: In the aftermath of the Second Impact, Lachlan has come to a grim conclusion: Humanity is too destructive to be trusted. If allowed to expand and explore into space, they will repeat the atrocities of Earth all across the galaxy. As a response to this, he gathers the survivors of Terra Nova, and they form the leadership of the new faction Yggdrasil.

9AI: Nadia, unaware of what her father's colleagues are planning, is now 13 years old. Laurent had been waiting for her to be old enough to understand, and now reveals to her the Midgard Project: Four Gundams created to protect the peace of the space colonies, a pseudo-successor to Terra Nova. She first sees the initial plans for Gundam Freya, and learns that she is going to be its pilot. For the next few years, in addition to school, Nadia begins to undergo basic Mobile Suit operation training.

14AI: Five years later, Nadia is starting to get disillusioned with the Midgard Project - it seems so vague and faraway, against threats that she's never seen, and involving a machine that doesn't even exist yet. Despite her mother's protests, Nadia stops her MS training to become a full-time engineering student at a local university on 8088.

15AI: War comes to Nadia's home. In the midst of the chaos, she stumbles across the now-completed Gundam Freya, and suddenly Midgard isn't just a faraway dream anymore...

[identity profile] 2011-06-10 03:45 am (UTC)(link)
Even before learning about Midgard, Nadia grew up with big expectations in front of her. Since Gabriel died when she was four years old, she never really got to know her father, but she nevertheless found herself growing up in his shadow, just hearing about him. This was only cemented harder when she found out about Gundam Freya - she was to be the leader of a team of mobile suit elites, just like her father. Her lack of a clear image of the man whose shoes she felt like she was trying to fill only made him seem more intimidating, which is part of what led to her apathy towards the role when she started college.

This reluctance on Nadia’s part throws her into a lot of confusion and internal conflict when she finds herself suddenly falling into her Gundam without warning or preparation. She feels wholly unprepared for and undeserving of the responsibility she’s had thrust upon her. She initially sees the other, more experienced pilots as something she can never compare to due to her lack of experience. She gets nervous, and when she does, she reacts by lashing out, sometimes irrationally, at the people around her.

At the start of season 1, Nadia is idealistic to the point of naivety. She considers herself and her allies on the White Chalice to be the Good Guys, and the people they’re fighting to be the Bad Guys. She doesn’t really deeply believe in the possibility of the good guys losing, so the first time she tastes defeat, loss, or the death of an ally, it affects her deepy. Unaccustomed to tragedy, she reacts to it by walling off her emotions and focusing on completing her day-to-day missions to the point of obsession. Ultimately, though, she can’t keep her emotions sealed away forever, and the walls break, forcing her to face reality and grow up a little.

By the beginning of season 2, Nadia is starting to get a better idea of what the Earth Sphere is really like - in her eyes, that means huge, unpredictable, fragile, and beyond her control. The last point is the big one - Nadia wants to change something, create something memorable in a world filled with cruelty and strife, but she doesn’t think this is possible. Two things change this - the world’s insane extremist supervillains, and her own allies. The great evils of the world are men more than capable of changing the Earth Sphere on their own - by destruction. Meanwhile, the great heroes fighting alongside her change it by opposing the evils - stopping a change for the worse. But even that isn’t enough for Nadia; she wants to change things for the better, not just keep them from getting worse. That’s why she opposes Yggdrasil - to cut down the cage they’re building, and open a path towards freedom for those living in space.

Capabilities and Resources: Nothing special

Vigil; OC

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Since I forgot to put his name in the comment line (what can I say, I didn't write that rule).

The App


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Calvina Coulange | Super Robot Wars J 1

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Player Name: Nerdo
Personal LJ: [ profile] nerdorama09
AIM Contact: al00314
Character Name: Calvina Coulange
Source Canon: Super Robot Wars J
Community Tag: calvina coulange

Notes: For canon integration, I think we've talked about how to combine Calvina's bad guys with the Moonrace if we get Turn A Gundam. Other Precursors are also welcome for combining. Also, she'll be starting out as a noncombatant until we have a good time to run the J intro mission. For her background, I think her service was probably in the Earth Federation military, and Ash'ari-Kreutzer can be left alone or combined with a different manufacturer (Anaheim, Mao, or Isurugi off the top of my head) - locations can be changed as needed.


For a full and really incredibly tl;dr background, see the full app in Calvina's journal.

Calvina Coulange | Super Robot Wars J 2

[identity profile] 2011-06-11 04:10 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: On the surface, Calvina is a sarcastic and mildly bitter but calm person who can keep a level head in any situation. She seems to be very much the "Cool and nihilistic" archetype, to use the words of other Super Robot Wars games, with a calm demeanor and a pragmatic sort of cynicism about war and fighting. Despite a fairly perpetual lineface, anyone with any kind of social skills can tell she's a war veteran who's seen something terrible, and is emotionally closed because of that. Moreover, Calvina's current emotional shell stems from a particular incident in her past - everyone she knew, including her pupil and her boyfriend, were killed in an instant, with herself the sole survivor. That kind of thing makes it hard to get close to people, or to really care about whatever goals you had previously...or anything. This trauma is most certainly what caused Calvina's current withdrawn affect.

However, a third of the way through the game, it's clear that Calvina's emotional shell is just that - a shell, hiding her repressed rage and grief. When she finds out the two people she was closest to, whom she mourned the most, were the ones responsible for the tragedy, she completely loses it, swearing bloody vengeance on Al-Van and turning into a self-destructive ball of wrath, her love for the man turning into equally intense hatred. Calvina shows herself capable of deep, almost blinding rage at personal betrayal, even physically assaulting Katia while demanding more information about the Fury - it takes a solid punch to the face to snap her out of her initial rage, and even after that it simmers for a long while.

All of that said, however, both Calvina's calm, not-giving-a-fuck demeanor and her wrathful nature can be seen very gradually thawing into the kind, sisterly figure she apparently was before her trauma. While it may be tough to get her on your side (hint: emotional blackmail), once she is, she genuinely cares for her comrades and their well-being. She makes close friends with Katia, Tenia, and Melua, even as she sometimes has to be harsh with them in combat (or snaps and pins them against a wall because lol Al-Van). Underneath her alternating professionalism and rage, she seems to think of the girls as younger sisters whom she wants to protect, and her other comrades as just that - comrades, people to fight alongside and protect, whether from the enemy or overly harsh superiors. Even if she has to get sarcastic with them now and then because they're insane. Likewise, she eventually comes to terms with her conflicting love and hatred for Al-Van, even as he's dealing with his conflicting love and duty. Getting in contact directly with his soul and inheriting some memories via Cytron helps with the understanding, and at the end of the day she still does love the man. Enough that she's more willing to forgive him his sins than he is of himself, when the chips are down and they're both about to die.

Aside from the wild pendulum of major emotions she goes through in her character arc, Calvina has a few personality quirks of note - having left the military over a disagreement with how they were run, she hates being associated with the military or being called by her old nickname, the "White Lynx". Don't even think about calling her "Second Lieutenant" unless you have Mu La Flaga-tier plot armor. She also provides an interesting balance between the harshly military-minded and overtly anti-authoritarian characters in her game, mostly because she doesn't respect people who don't respect sense and self-preservation in war (and knows exactly what she can get away with saying and doing as a civilian contractor, as opposed to a soldier).

Capabilities and Resources: Calvina is a former soldier and former civilian test pilot, so she has a number of contacts within the Federation Army and the mecha engineering industry, none of whom she particularly likes, as well as a highly respected reputation as the "White Lynx", which she also doesn't particularly like. She has also been exposed to a great deal of Cytron energy and test-piloted a Cytron-using unit, allowing her to easily understand how to control Fury mecha, and she's a trained test pilot and combat instructor.

Asuka Langley Soryu | Neon Genesis Evangelion [cont.]

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Player Name: The one and only legendary Deus, returning for a second round to ruin your roleplay.
Personal LJ: [ profile] oftheknight
AIM Contact: deus ex caeli, as always
Character Name: Asuka Langley Soryu
Source Canon: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Community Tag: asuka langley soryu

Notes: From what one of the mods has informed me, we will be following Rebuild canon to a certain degree. While I have no problem with these events, this Asuka remains true to her original incarnation, at least personality wise, from the television series.

Please also see the extended notes in the "Suggested Event List" section.

Background: Here. (

Personality: One could write a whole novel about Asuka Langley Soryu, and still say not nearly enough. Initially, Asuka appears a shallow character at best, lashing out at those she dislikes (which is nearly everyone) and quick to make snap judgments. Upon first meeting Shinji Ikari, she dismisses him as a worthless wannabe who only rose to the level of Evangelion pilot thanks to his father's influence. Rude, ruthless, and blunt to the point of callousness, Asuka has no qualms of making herself heard, even when (especially when) her opinion isn't asked for. Because of her prickly nature, Asuka has difficulty maintaining friendships with others, though she remains inexplicably popular at school. Headstrong and confident, Asuka will boast of every skill in arsenal to anyone unfortunate enough to listen, ranging from her remarkable abilities as a pilot to her stunningly good looks. Asuka places utmost faith in her Evangelion and sees it as an extension of herself. As we later find out in the series, without her Evangelion, Asuka sees herself as literally half a person. There's no other place in the world she'd rather be than in the cockpit of her beloved Unit 02.

Beneath that mile high ego of Asuka's, however, lurks a much darker side. Asuka's endless bragging is in, actuality, a front. Deep down, she is a lonely, needy girl desperate for attention, seeking the approval of others in order to justify her own existence. No matter how hard Asuka tries, it never seems good enough compared to the actions of almighty Shinji, who she grows to despise for constantly outpacing her despite contradictory feelings. Asuka has blocked off many memories of her childhood due to the trauma they have caused her. Walking in on her mother committing suicide scarred her permanently, and as such, she can scarcely recall the incident. Because of said guardian's descent into insanity and later infatuation with dolls, Asuka hates anything that reminds her of them. This is the reason for Asuka's rivalry with Rei; the girl behaves little better than one at times, her lack of emotional response infuriating to the young pilot.

By the end of the series, Asuka has all but lost her mind. A particularly scathing Angel attack, along with her repeated failures, left her unable to pilot her Evangelion efficiently. She sinks deep into the pits of repression, feeling nothing short of hatred for everyone around her. Only do the events of End of Evangelion rouse her from madness. Realizing her mother's affection has protected her all along within Unit 02, Asuka makes one last heroic stand against the invading mass-produced Evangelions. Although she ultimately falls to them, she is the first besides Shinji to reappear after the completion of Instrumentality. In summary, Asuka is a cocksure, proud, but fragile young woman, whose own stubbornness often leads to severe consequences. While she does grow to trust others as the series progresses, she remains supremely judgmental, insisting she's better off alone... when in reality, she wants nothing more than to be understood and accepted.

Asuka Langley Soryu | Neon Genesis Evangelion [cont.]

[identity profile] 2011-06-11 09:39 am (UTC)(link)
Capabilities and Resources: On top being arguably the most skilled among the Evangelion pilots, Asuka is also talented in the realm of hand-to-hand combat. With speed and surprising strength, Asuka can easily take down a grown man given enough effort, and outrun just about anyone. Asuka prefers to fight with axes as opposed to more traditional daggers, but can adjust as the situation calls for it. In addition, Asuka is, canonically, an academic genius, having received an advanced (though unspecified) college degree at the age of fourteen.

Robot Name: Evangelion Unit 02
Robot Description: The Evangelion series skirts the line when it comes to traditional definitions. Although Unit 02 boasts the size and strength of a "super", it is also fleet of foot, enough to be considered a "real". Therefore, neither designation really qualifies.

When it comes to describing Unit 02 specifically, a good all around word would be... well, red. Red, and ridiculously powerful. Unlike Unit 01 and Unit 00, Unit 02 is the first Evangelion intended for combat. Despite being enormous, towering well over skyscrapers, Unit 02 boasts a sleek, tapered design. Save for its demonic mask of a face, which has four eyes (two hidden) and bestial fangs, Unit 02 resembles a giant human, with plated hands and feet. It is a well-armored, adaptable unit, capable of being suited up with all kinds of armaments based on the situation. While unable to do so in its original canon, Unit 02 can also fly with the appropriate backpack, as seen in Rebuild of Evangelion and various Super Robot Wars games.

Unit 02 mainly prefers to fight using its fists, or a "progressive" weapon. In the series, progressive weapons are ones that vibrate at super high frequency to inflict devastating damage on an opponent. Its legs can produce powerful kicks, and with a skilled pilot at the controls, it can even do flips and all kinds of crazy maneuvers. Unit 02's ranged abilities are more limited in this regard; a rifle is its only really choice in fighting off distance attackers. Perhaps Unit 02's most unusual ability is its AT Field, a hexagonal shield manifested using the pilot's will. The stronger the pilot's drive, the stronger the shield becomes, and it is arguably Unit 02's best asset when in a pinch.

Though Unit 02 can take quite a bit of damage thanks to its layers of armor, its generally strategy is thus: hit fast, and hit hard, before the opponent can recover.

Terrain Stats
Land: S
Air: D (without equipment), B (with equipment)
Sea: D
Space: D (without equipment), B (with equipment)

Upgrades: None, though Unit 02's equipment can be switched before or during combat (depending on availability of equipment).

Job: None for the moment.

Suggested Event List

Mission 1: Angel Attack!

Sachiel, a monstrous creature called an Angel, descends before White Chalice (or wherever else Lilith is being held; replace all further instances of "White Chalice" with the appropriate location). All attacks prove ineffective against it, until a certain Evangelion is dispatched to the scene. Note: If Shinji is not present, this mission can either be skipped, or Asuka may take his place, left to moderation discretion.

Mission 2: Ramiel Descends!

Ramiel, second among the Angels seen, arrives to wreak havoc upon the forces of White Chalice. Initial efforts to destroy it are unsuccessful as the Angel seeks to bore its way towards Lilith. A daring plan is concocted to defeat it, but will it work?

Mission 3: VS. Shamshel!

The monstrous Third Angel appears. With savage whips of light and devastating strength, could this be the end for White Chalice?

Mission 4: Asuka Mari Strikes!

Mari Illustrious Makinami (or another Evangelion pilot, at moderation discretion) launches in the provisional Unit 05 to combat the tunneling Angel known only as "Fourth". Only at great cost can the Angel be defeated. Note: Mari does not appear again until after the defeat of the next Angel.

Gainer Sanga | Overman King Gainer

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Movin things to follow dem rules (

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Finally, a Kamen Rider appears... (

...or not.

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Blah blah application moved by moderator request (

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Alexei Soras, scope calibrated... (

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