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Event/Crossover planning

This post is for when you have suggestions on what events the game in general or any particular canons should have (same as the old mission suggestion post), but ALSO for suggesting and coordinating cross-over events and plots between various canons. For example, if you think your canon's villains would work best if they cooperate with another canon's villains? Respond here, offering such an option, and see if any other player is interested!

In this post, discussion among players is both allowed and highly encouraged. If you need a mod to approve of something, feel free to ask.
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...Eh, I know I mostly sent the details to staff, but meh. Does anyone have missions where say, an environmental disaster of some kind could be put to use? Because thats pretty much what most of the Ideigi missions are triggered by - a disaster tied to the bad guys occurs. Earthquake, Tsunamis, Tornados, Volcano in that order.
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Things the Word Of Blake can do for YOU!

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Leaders: The Word offers cheap communication technology, including HPG (faster than light) comms. This is especially useful for rulers and commanders who need to send messages rapidly from earth to space and back (otherwise there is a delay). Large amounts of information can be sent, though the cost rises, with pictures twice as expensive as text, video four times as much and complex holographic information even more than that.

Mechs disguised as those of Clan Wolf attacked civilian settlements and military bases two months ago. Though Khan Phelan Kell denounced the attacks, the damage was done. Leaders are pissed and ordinary people are making up outrageous theories about these newcomers.

Mercenaries: The Word is hiring catspaws. They're looking for people willing to execute false flag, terror and other unsavory stuff. Absolute discretion is expected. The pay is good though.

Scientists: The Word is looking for WMDs. If you're working on one, they might be interested in hiring you. Of course once you're in you might find it hard to get out...

Spies: The Word intelligence service is one of the best in the Earth Sphere, even tiny as it is. You could encounter them, as friends or enemies.

Ordinary People: The Word is a cult, and like all cults it thrives in atmospheres of despair, like post second impact Earth. People in your home country could be starting to buy in to it, small offices opening. Of course they'll pass themselves off as a legitimate religious group or even something else entirely.

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Unbirthday Stuff

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Intelligent Defense Solutions, Inc. ("IDS"): A member of the League of Ruling Corporations based in Brittania. Unlike most Megacorps that specialize in military technology, IDS's specialty is military software, rather than hardware (though they do have some types of hardware patented). Responsible for the ALICE Project, and headed by the Lockheed family. While the Lockheed family isn't technically nobility by Brittanian standards, they are close friends with the Brittanian Royal Family due to how much money they have, and various contracts with the Brittanian Royal Military. It's current CEO is Caulder Lockheed, Jr., son of the late Caulder Lockheed, Sr. The former inherited the latter's share of IDS stocks as well as his vast fortune, though actual control of the company went to the board of directors due to Lockheed, Jr. being too young and inexperienced to make any real decisions for the company. His opinion is regardless still welcome and respected amongst the board's members, and they make an honest effort to keep him 'in the loop,' mostly out of respect for his deceased father.

Artificial Living Intelligent Command Ensemble ('ALICE'): Started as a central hub for a fully automated military AI (think Skynet from Terminator), which would have done everything from control 'drone' Knightmare Frames to managing the country's infrastructure. Was eventually converted into what is currently the most advance cyberwarfare program in the Earth Sphere as a response to the ESF's Mobile Doll program essentially beating Brittania to the punch. Due to 'arbitrary' time constraints caused by CEO Caulder Lockheed Sr. wanting to complete her by his son's birhtday, the last phase of her development was rushed, and she was given the new 'personality evolution protocol' OS without it being properly tested first. She is also capable of mimicking real-life piloting skills by copying and integrating combat data from a mech's black box, to make her even more dangerous should she gain control over AI mechs. She is currently housed in the 'White Rabbit,' a codename given to a backpack-like device that doubles as her main server, from which she can project holographic images for communication. She has reached self-awareness, and anyone who would know how to re-shackle her AI or shut her down died during the IDS Massacre. She now quite literally has a mind of her own.

'Rabbit Hole' Virus: A computer virus capable of rapidly mutating to copy the host program's software signature in order to override it, and then hook it up to ALICE's network. Its effectiveness is based on which type of software it is; an AI-controlled mech, for example, could become a 'zombie' under ALICE's control given enough time, as could remote controlled weapons. Alien technology or anything greater than quantum encryption will only grant her limited control, if she is denied enough time to crack the code. Because of the way current technology works, the virus's network only works from a 'top-down' level. She cannot, for example, take over an entire network of AI technology by infecting only one of its platfors, but if she managed to infect the central network hub, she could.

IDS Massacre: An alleged terrorist attack on one of IDS' secret research facilities. While there was no evidence linking it to the anti-royal family terrorist organization known as the Black Knights, there was substantial evidence suggesting the attack was an attempt to steal the ALICE project for unknown purposes. Foundation X operatives were located at the scene and were promptly arrested, sentenced, and are awaiting execution after the Royal Family was outraged by the assassination of Caulder Lockheed, Sr. Foundation X has since been banned from doing business in Brittania, and is facing severe sanctions by the League of Ruling Corporations. Only one person survived: Caulder Lockheed, Jr., the son of the late CEO, who is now in possession of ALICE.

'Vector Bits': A weapon loosely based on the 'bit' technology first developed by the Principality of Zeon. Equipped with only light anti-personnel weaponry, their true purpose is to latch onto enemy mechs and manually hack into their software to infect them with the Rabbit Hole Virus, allowing ALICE to begin remotely attacking their systems. This was developed as a way to get around the fact that the internet no longer exists.
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Part 1

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I've actually got a lot of things up for grabs. A lot

Armored Core 3

Raven's Nest: The Rivals to the Collared Lynx pilots belonging to the League of Ruling Corporations. The Ravens are hard bitten elite pilots who - while hired on a solo basis - can be positively lethal when hired as an entire flock. The Ravens can often range between lethally precise to an absolute hurricane of destruction - assuming you hire the right one. There are many wannabes among the elite - though these tend to be pruned from their numbers often.

The 'Unknown Resources': Ancient Technology - similar in fact to the unique designs crafted by the Controller Super AI that once ruled over the underground city of Layered in an attempt to exterminate its inhabitants. While old, this technology is highly advanced worth massive amounts in technological advances and monetary gain.

Crest Industries: The second largest corporation from Layered - specialists in high powered weapons, with interests in biological modification. Crest Industries is often looking to get an edge over its competitors and more than often cuts deals with any faction the execs believe they can get away with manipulating. It is rumored that Crest has obtained information on an old process used to create highly effective pilots.

Human PLUS: A process which cybernetics and various forms of chemical enhancement are used to improve a human's capacity to pilot - allowing them to literally link with their machine and push it's capabilities to untold levels. However the process has an extremely high fatality rate and the survivors tend to have high levels of mental instability.

Mirage Corporation: The largest corporation to leave Layered. Specialists in exotic and accurate weapons - with great investment in energy based weaponry. Highly manipulative with a massive ruthless streak in order to achieve their goals - they are not above backstabbing. Industrial and Civic sabotage, military assaults. If there is something they want they will do everything to take it.

Kisaragi: The third largest corporation from Layered. Morally bankrupt, and often dabbling in highly experimental technologies. Most of what they sell are highly specialized pieces of technology and often seek to push the limits of what they can create. Biological Weapons (toxins as well as weaponized lifeforms), Automata and various other items are regularly tested within their labs - and they are more than willing to grant their services in order to get an edge over Crest and Mirage.

Part 2

[personal profile] aesoprevived 2013-04-15 02:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Unforseen Circumstances

Exvoritam Filios: This terrorist group believe themselves to be the heirs of humanity - having a 'holier than thou' attitude. They seek to essentially become post human supermen - in exchange for personnel/captives and materiel they are willing to offer their assistance to any faction that shares their views - as infiltrators and combatants.

Ironlock Solid

Gucun Seperatists: A group of extremists that seek to return the State into its old highly militaristic and viciously expansionistic ways. Seeking additional weapons to supplement what those that left Gucun had taken with them.

The Gucun State: A growing power in asia. While overshadowed by Major Factions - the seven years it had been isolated allowed it to rebuild from the assault the Inspectors had launched on it and then some. The State is highly open to trade and is seeking experts of various fields to advance itself further. Furthermore - the State has a Mass Driver (though it is still undergoing testing and maintainence to ensure that it is usable).
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I think a teamup between the Ruina and Shadow Knights is only natural.
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Would Yggdrasill know who, or what, Luna is?

From talks about the canon, I was lead to believe that she pre-dates the Second Impact, but whether she's some kind of hyper-advanced pre-Second Impact android or literally a force of nature isn't quite clear to me yet.
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Casshern Sins Stuff

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The Ruin (disease): A mysterious disease that seemingly came out of nowhere a few years after the Second Impact, made up of billions of tiny, self-replicating nano-machines that feed on various minerals found in both organic tissue and most kinds of metallic alloys. There is no known cure, and it is almost always fatal. Symptoms in organics include deterioration of the soft tissues, usually starting with the lungs, and eventually moving on to the eyes, insides of the mouth, and eventually, the skin. The most common cause of death is respiratory failure due to the aforementioned deterioration of the lungs. Symptoms of robots are even more bizarre, especially if the robots are equipped with an artificial intelligence; machines begin rusting very rapidly, with their metal becoming brittle and discolored, and eventually crumbling into dust. AI's begin exhibiting erratic, violent behavior, becoming obsessed with the concept of 'survival,' to the point where it overrides any and all other programmed directives. All attempts to weaponize the Ruin have ended in a miserable failure, usually with the would-be wielders of a new bio-weapon dying horribly. Despite the Ruin being so dangerous, it doesn't seem to be able to withstand humid climates, and thus has been confined to the southwestern former United States and some parts of central America. It is currently unknown if it would survive in space.

The Ruin (geographic area): Makes up the southwestern former United States, and some parts of northern former Mexico. Characterized by barren, utterly lifeless land where dust storms are an every day occurrence, and where water is next to impossible to find above-ground. There is almost zero plant life in this area, in stark contrast to its condition just fourteen years ago, where it was vibrant, beautiful, and bursting with verdant plant life and fauna. Interestingly, this was one of the hardest hit areas by the Second Impact, and its sudden and miraculous revitalization was treated as an almost supernatural event. Several corporations and various Earth Sphere governments tried to capitalize on this, only for the booming and vibrant environment to revert to a condition even worse than it was before due to the Ruin. It is now the site of an internationally-enforced quarantine, with anyone attempting to enter or leave the quarantined area being shot on sight by mercenary quarantine enforcers.

Empire of Free Synthetics: This wasn't the empire's name in canon - it didn't have a name - but it will be in the game for the sake of differentiating it from similar organizations of rebellious androids (Mavericks, for example, if we ever get a Mega Man X cast). Most of the original members, including it's enigmatic 'Emperor,' were domestically, commercially, and military-owned robots that were first brought to the area now known as 'the Ruin' after it began showing miraculous revitalization under circumstances that defy scientific explanation. Less than a year after the resettlement project began, however, these robots suddenly revolted against their owners, and began spouting rhetoric of robots being 'free' and wanting to overthrow their 'organic oppressors.' The self-proclaimed 'Empire of Free Synthetics' that formed as a result turned out to be short-lived; no more than a year after the uprising began, the first confirmed case of the Ruin was reported, and the Empire collapsed into total anarchy due to the ensuing panic.

"Luna:" A strange, self-aware, and seemingly benevolent android of unknown origin believed to be the cause of the revitalization of the Second Impact's ground zero. While there is no consensus on who she was, where she came from, or what she even is, it's known that she was beloved by the settlers in the area, with some even literally worshiping her. It is also known that she was despised by the Empire of Free Synthetics, and that she has not been seen or heard from since the Ruin first appeared. The current leading theory as to who or what she is, is that she is a rare example of surviving pre-Second Impact technology. Beyond this, she remains a complete mystery of near-mythological proportions. Some question whether or not she even existed at all.
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All I'll say is...

The Gurren Brigade: They be fighting the Beastmen and the Spiral King, and they be welcoming anyone with a blazing soul!

They also will eagerly help fight the Big Bads of their constituent members! Which leads me to Matthew's personal baddie....

Waco's Rangers: A Inner Sphere Mercenary group lead by Wayne Waco: he's American-Ethnic, and hates the Clans and their offshoot mercenary group Wolf's Dragoons for killing his son in battle.

They're currently waging false flag operations for the Word of Blake, but for a pretty fee or shiny new equipment, they'll most likely do some work on the side. They could be hired by any faction or entity that needs extra, exotic muscle.
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Need some bad guys to offscreen job to Shadow Knights in an upcoming event. Any volunteers?
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Hire them or work for them?
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[personal profile] whats_a_paladin 2013-05-15 08:44 am (UTC)(link)
Job. Worf. Get steamrolled by them.
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I could offer you maybe a small mobile city?
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I got another offer that fits perfectly. But thanks anyway.
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I volunteer Corporation Troops.

They're downright mooky. Even the tough ones and they're plenty bad too.
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[personal profile] whats_a_paladin 2013-05-15 12:16 pm (UTC)(link)
I got another offer that fits perfectly. But thanks anyway.
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For mission planning

[personal profile] wardeninexile 2013-07-10 08:28 am (UTC)(link)
A Jade Falcon naval force is detected approaching Earth - what factions from your canons will respond, if any?
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I'm not sure how many people will actually read this, but oh well.

Whilst I'm not sure when the next Ideigi mission'll exactly be, I suppose its probably best to figure out a particular detail in advance. I basically need another character, could be someone currently rped or someone previously dropped, to fulfill a role within said mission, temporarily making them a villain of sorts. Aside of the return, they may or may not get to bag themselves a new toy out of the mission. Contact for details please.
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I think we can work something out. Need to figure out some details with the mods, though!
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Chat with me about it on AIM if you can.