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Upgrade Requests

Have an upgraded mech in your plot? Want to add on some noncanonical weapons to your current ride? Want to get some equipment to turn your character from a 10-year-old doofus into a credible threat in a firefight? This is the post to ask for it.

Reply here with any proposed upgrades. This can be equipment for your mech, an entirely new or modified-into-unrecognizeability mech, or equipment for on-foot fights - anything more complex than an assault rifle on foot should be requested.

The mods will consider each upgrade application and either approve it, or suggest modifications if we feel it's outside the realm of appropriate gameplay additions. Please request upgrades before you use them in character.

Required information

Player alias, the character you are requesting for and the character's canon: Yeah, we can't do anything if we don't know who you are.
New or drastically altered mech: Should follow the same writeup guidelines as on the mecha section of the original app. If you want to upgrade to a mech you already detailed for us in your app, link to it here or remind us that it's in our inbox if you sent it privately. If not, please write a detailed description.
Modifying your existing mech: Just post with a general idea of the upgrades/modifications.
Wacky new guns or martial arts training: Again, give us a general idea of what you're intending.
Temporarily piloting a generic mecha that the White Chalice picked up: Don't need to bother posting here! Just head to Un-assigned mecha and pick one. That's what they're there for.

Special case: Cross-canon upgrades

In some cases, a character might want some ability, weapon, or technology from a completely different originating canon. For example, someone might want to pick up a Nanoha-style magical Device or Kamen Rider henshin doohickey as a weapon for on-foot missions, or add some radio-controlled Fangs to their non-Gundam 00 mobile suit. This is acceptable, and we will approve things that add variety to a character's abilities, but upgrades like these will be given added scrutiny, and subject to a few guidelines:

1) Your character will not be as effective with something from another canon as the characters from that canon. People like Amuro Ray and Nanoha Takamachi are ludicrously effective with their chosen tools through intense training, natural ability, and heavily personalized weapons. You can't just pick up a magic staff or mobile suit and duplicate their abilities.
2) Your character will not be as effective with something from another canon as they are with their own canonical abilities. This is to give flavor, fallbacks, and roleplaying opportunities, not to have a lame mobile suit pilot discover his true calling as a Kamen Rider and give up on his Zaku.
3) Please ask permission out of character from members of the canon you wish to borrow from. They have right of first refusal.
4) Bear in mind in-character restrictions on abilities. You won't become a Gundam Fighter without at least enough super strength to handle the Mobile Trace System, and you cannot become an Otome without the blessing of several important NPCs. Or if you're a man.
5) Don't be this guy. We will ban you, and then we will laugh at you.

Camiu/Kamille/Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: New Translation/Modifying Existing Mech

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Just posting the Details on the modified Mk-II

Robot Name: Gundam Mk-II H.W.C. (Hidden Weapons Custom)
Robot Description: While there's little difference in appearance between this and the original Mk-II, the H.W.C. does have differences where it counts. Most of the Gundam's limbs have been hollowed out to be fitted with extra equipment, which includes the following:

Standard Ammo Gatling Gun in right arm
Bazooka in lower legs: Fires by disconnecting joints: one Shell Apiece.
Missiles in upper legs: Leg casing opens up to launch payload: 8 missiles apiece
Grenade hidden behind Hands: disconnect hand, Grenade comes out, reconnect hand, use grenade: One apiece
Blade Shield: High Quality Steel Blade hidden in the underside of the shield, Blade springs out for attack.

The Armor rating, which was already low, drops that much lower to be able to carry the stuff. Speed becomes variable to Ammunition: More ammo used, the faster you get.

Terrain Ratings: Ammo at full
Land: B *The weight makes it harder to walk, but it's still capable of movement*
Air: C *The weight prevents the Verniers from doing much outside of evasion*
Sea: D *That much weight would crush any pilot*
Space: B *Weight's a non-issue in space*

Terrain Ratings: Ammo empty
Land: A *The lack of weight makes the unit faster*
Air: B *The lack of weight allows for easier aerial maneuvers*
Sea: D *You can do it, but you'll just flail your limbs*
Space: B *Weight's a non-issue in space.*

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Corel/Nanoha/Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha/Cross-canon Upgrade?

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This has been discussed before, but more input from others would be most welcome.

Basically, I'm looking for ways to have the Nanoha mages be able to operate in space. Just so we don't get left out in space arcs of UGA's story.

Some ideas that have been presented so far are creating a normal suit for them (similar to the ones Lowe developed for the Witches) or preferrably an addon to the Barrier Jacket that enables and optimizes space performance.

The space rating doesn't have to be high though; a B would be sufficient even for Nanoha.

Zappa | Mio Sakamoto | Strike Witches

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This already happened back during the first space arc, but, normal suits have been rigged to work with Strike Units so that all Witches gain a C rank in space, rather than having a D. D:

Nothing to upgrade them to water access.


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Michael is temporarily borrowing Tsukasa's Decadriver while Metal Wolf is in the "shop" for repairs. Sorry for the late update.

Dessa | Arika Yumemiya | My-Otome

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Ohai der, Arika's upgrade's coming up, might as well detail all 3 anime-canon ones. Note that, for the most part, it is simply a matter of "moar power" and a new weapon. The Robes pretty much all work the same way.

It is of note, that Arika's GEM, the Blue Sky Sapphire, is not a normal GEM, and instead a "Super Meister Gem", more powerful than normal Meister GEMS (which are, in turn, more powerful than the students' Pearl and Coral GEMS). When properly utilized, it is on a level at least equivalent to those of the 5 Columns (special Otome whose Master is the Predecessor herself, and who serve a bit as the Otome "police" force), if not much higher. The limits of its power are not revealed in the series.

Blue Sky Sapphire (Ver. 1) (
Arika's first Meister Robe, gained from the contract with Mashiro. It's more powerful than her Coral Robe, and actually more powerful than most Meister Robes, though not as powerful as those of the 5 Columns. This Robe is actually an incomplete Robe, as Arika cannot unlock the full potential of the Robe. Arika's Element in this Robe is a two-bladed crystal sword ( of sorts, which can also be enlarged to giant size ( While she can fight with it in it's larger form, primarily the larger form is used for her special attack, Bolt From the Blue, which is a giant beam attack.
Terrain Stats:
Land: B
Air: A
Sea: C
Space: B
Note: As you never see any Otome fight underwater, the Sea stat is assumed due to there being no penalty when they fight in space. However, Arika herself needs to be taught how to swim, first.

Blue Sky Sapphire (Complete) (
Arika's complete Meister Robe, obtained . Arika's power in this form is at least equivalent to the Columns, if not more powerful. The full extent of her powers is unknown, although her mother, using the same Robe, was able to access many more abilities than Arika has shown*. In addition to her regular Element, Arika also can wield the Sword of Akatsuki (, a powerful artifact in its own right. After its initial use in the TV series end-canon, Mashiro has to separately authorize this Robe, which is activated by Arika calling "Materialize Zwei".
Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: S
Sea: C
Space: S

Blue Sky Sapphire (Ver. 1.5) (
After the events ending the TV series, this becomes Arika's default Robe (as, as stated above, her complete Robe requires separate authorization). It is similar in appearance to her first Meister Robe, except with blue highlights and extra power. In terms of battle, it is simply a more powerful version of her earlier Robe, but less powerful than her complete Robe. She is roughly on the same power level (or slightly lower) as the Columns in this form.
Terrain Stats:
Land: B
Air: A
Sea: C
Space: A

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Since Roads now has access to, well, stuff, I figure he should soon complete work on what will be dubbed
Zweilicht -Halfway Decent Type-

It mounts the triple pile bunker on the left arm as a shield/melee weapon, and carries the Ascalon sword. It keeps the same base weapons- a few (4) of the knives, the rocket anchors on the arms, the machinegun.

Also worth noting is that it has a fully charged super mode, so it will get a bit more mileage out of that.

There's no major change in maneuverability, since Roads will have gotten to clean the unit up a bit, but it still has a large shield thing on the left arm. It will take him some getting used to, at first.

Adette Kistler / Metal overman king Gainer/ modifying exsisting knightmare frame

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Player alias, the character you are requesting for and the character's canon:Lorelei, Adette Kistler, Metal Overman King Gainer
Mech:RPI-209 Gloucester Knightmare Frame, equiipped with: factsphere open sensor camera, landspinner high-mobility propulsion system, slash harken, "Chaos Bomb" fragmentation grenade, lance.

Upgrades request: extras boosters and counterbalance for speed. New paint job in black and nighthawk blue.
Wacky new guns or martial arts training: Scratch build junk shield for ramming made from spare scraps, not pretty or fancy, perhaps spikes. Land mines with an auto eject system so they can be dropped behind the knightmare frame while in motion.
Zappa suggest a Minewhip, but such a thing would likely take longer to engineer and build so I'm willing to wait for this. Shirley and Markus have already volunteered to engineer and build these mods.

Air: C (only jumping)
Sea: D
Space: D

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Unofficial suggestion here, but you might be able to steal a chain mine or two from Zeon's ammo trucks on the first Gundam 0080 mission if you're careful and the mod who runs it is nice. Of course, they're kinda one-use...

Cheng l Ironlock l Modifying Existing Mech

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I figured that if Cheng wants to start exterminating Festum with extreme prejudice he's going to need to start piloting a machine that's properly his own.

Robot Name: Behemoth - Cheng Custom (Mark I)

Robot Description:

This variant of the Behemoth has traded quite a bit of its defense for better mobility and firepower. Additionally, the visual aesthetics of the machine seem to be a cross of Combat Frame and Fafner Unit (Specifically the variant Ryo used prior to falling to his assimilation syndrome). Details on the machine's capabilities are as follows:

The Behemoth's cannons have been replaced for a pair of twin cannons that fire a smaller caliber. In terms of combat effectiveness it trades a little punch for target saturation and more ammo.

The Gatling gun has stayed of course, but the shotgun has been replaced with the Autocannon the Behemoth had used in its time in space.

Detatchable rocket pods have been attached to its legs - bringing up its total rocket count to twenty four.

It also has a better back-up weapon on hand when both Gatling Gun and Autocannon have been drained dry than a pistol. Bringing up the role of backup weapon is a compact assault rifle complete with a bayonet.

The machine's colour scheme is pretty much based on the White Chalice's own, though the section of it with stripes that MarKus had put on the Behemoth during the L-Boat mission were left untouched.

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: C (VERY limited amounts of time due to the fact that the Behemoth is STILL HEAVY AS FECK ALL)
Sea: C
Space: B

Ash Blaze | Akito Tenkawa | Martian Successor Nadesico

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Since Steam suggested I do this:

Robot Name: Exabyte (ver. SRW UG@)
Robot Description: The Exabyte is a special, next generation Aestivalis unit. Instead of being a new frame type, the Exabyte is an entirely brand new unit. Based off of the 0G Frames, the Exabyte is optimized for space combat. However, like famed units such as the Zeong and the Dra-C, the Exabyte doesn't have legs, replaced with giant Saturn-like Bell rockets. This prevents the unit from being used in other terrains.

Like other Aestivalis units, its outfitted with a Gravity Wave Antenna, allowing for continuous charge directed from the Nadesico itself and its powerful Distortion Field barrier. It only has two major weapons - a standard issue Rapid Rifle and the powerful High-Voltage Skiff, which obliterates foes with electric blasts up close. The biggest addition to the unit is the experimental React System (It has a longer name, but I can't find it ATM). The React System functions as an extension to the IFS system, giving the pilot greater reaction time than normal. (Unlike the normal Exabyte, however, it won't cause a feedback and render Akito blind).
Terrain Stats: (This is optional, but for those who have played SRW, this is a good way to give us a quick judge of how good your mech is overall. For those of you who haven't played the games, they are measured: --, D, C, B, A, S, with -- or D meaning it can't fight there at all and S being the best. Note that only upgrades tend to have an S unless they are entirely gimped or unusable in other areas.)
Land: D
Air: D
Sea: D
Space: S

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Steam here, with two very small modifications. One of which has already been introduced before this page was made but whatever, can't have a double standard.

The pre-existing one is a second Cypher Weapon for Josh and the Aile, giving him an option for a more offense-minded loadout. Instead of one Cypher and a shield, Josh can just have two Cyphers instead for dual-wielding.

The other one is Julia wants to do some minor tweaking to the Corona. Just providing retractable "sheaths" around its hands so it can at least punch with all its weight without damaging its fingers.

Amuro Ray/Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam/New mech

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Robot Name: Dijeh SE-R (
Robot Description: A machine newly developed by the Karaba based on the Rick Dias. To keep costs low, it's weapons and internal components are generally compatible with other contemporary mobile suits, notably the Rick Dias and Hyakku Shiki. The SE-R is a further development of the project, with somewhat improved all around performance.

Armaments- Beam Rifle (Same as that used by the Gundam Mk II)
Clay Bazooka (Identicle to that used by the Hyaku Shiki)
Beam Naginata (Based on the Gelgoog's)
Head Vulcans (Self Explanatory)

Terrain Ratings- (Standard across the board high mobility mobile suit. Best in space, okay on land and in the air and generally a good idea not to let it get wet.)
Land: B
Air: A
Sea: C
Space: S

Gai Murakumo/Gundam Seed Astray/New-ish Mech

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Because there sure seems to be alot of water missions in the near-ish future.

Robot Name: MBF-P03 Gundam Astray "Blue Frame" – Scale System
Robot Description: Designed for underwater warfare, the Scale System is equipped with leg boosters to improve underwater mobility, an specially designed underwater rifle, and missile launchers. The underwater rifle is based off the coilgun design, sometimes mistaken as the gauss gun, that fires an electromagnetically charged projectile at high speeds while also puncturing armor. The Scale System, while useful, receives limited use due to the lack of water related missions.

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: -
Sea: A
Space: C

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Robot Name: Gun Sniper ( Rinon Custom (
Robot Description: Gun Sniper is a precision Zoid. It has a AZ 144mm Sniper Rifle in the tail (the pilot seat reverses for shooting) for high accuracy shots, as well as 2 Beam Gattling Guns, a Beam Launcher, and an 8-shot Missile Pod. For close-range, it has Strike and Strike Anchor Claws, and Bite Fangs. Additionally, the Gun Sniper is quite fast, having a maximum speed of 200km/h, with a (relative) small size making it a harder for it to be hit.

That being said... Rinon's Gun Sniper, in Naomi's words, is "ridiculous", loaded down with heavy weaponry similar to her Dibison's. In addition to the standard armaments, Gun Sniper RS comes with a wild weasel unit, two beam gattling units, two triple laucher units, and four missile pods. Really, the thing's weaponry about doubles its size. And Rinon uses it pretty much the same way as she used Dibison.

Terrain Stats:
Land: S
Air: D
Sea: D
Space: D

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Until Rinon gets her Gun Sniper, I'm requesting for her to bully Jamie into letting her use borrow Pteras, which is one of her team's Zoids already aboard the ship. Here are Pteras' details:

Robot Name: Pteras
Robot Description: Pteras is a flying Pterosaur-type Zoid. It uses magnetic repulsion to lift the Zoid, and while it's not as agile as other airborne Zoids, it can reach a top speed of Mach 2.2. For weaponry, it has a 16mm Vulcan Gun, two Two-Shot ASM Pods, and a Dual AAM Launcher. Additionally, Jamie's machine has a CP-06 Bomber Unit equipped as well.

Primarily, the Pteras is used for aerial support. While it does have weaponry other than its bombing unit, once its limited supply of weaponry runs out, it's left with just it's Vulcans. It also can fight on the ground, but is extremely awkward.

Terrain Stats:
Land: C
Air: B
Sea: D (B for over water, just not in it)
Space: C (if sealed against the vacuum)

First non-canon upgrade!

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Robot Name: Astray Beam Rotor Module
Robot Description: It's not a new unit but rather an equippable part for both Astrays: Red and Blue Frame. The left hand is replaced with rotary beam blades, that work like a helicopter to allow the unit to fly through the air - although somewhat awkwardly. It can be also used in melee combat, with an efficiency similar to a beam saber, as well as to parry and deflect enemy attacks.

And yes, I totally stole this from Victory Gundam.

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: B
Sea: C
Space: A

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Robot Type: Meia-Type Vandread "Silver Eagle"
Robot Description: A eagle-styled Vandread capable of incredible speeds and flight. Able to punch through opponents without taking any damage in its high speed after-image speed abilities. Dita would be piloting Meia's Dread, which has the same capabilities as the Dita-type.

Terrain Stats:
Land: B
Air: S
Sea: C
Space: S

[identity profile] 2011-12-17 05:13 am (UTC)(link)
Robot Type: Jura-Type Vandread "Red Crab"
Robot Description: A crab-styled Vandread, one of the big three and capable of incredibly powerful shields and force fields. Able to protect anything up to a small PLANET with its shields, and can redirect force with the best of it.

Terrain Stats:
Land: B
Air: S
Sea: A
Space: S

Jockey l Hua Cheng Kwan l New Mech

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Seeing as the Behemoth is pretty much scrunched up tinfoil at this point and he's halfway through his canon it's probably as good a time as any to ask for this:

Upgrade details are here. (

[identity profile] 2011-12-24 12:22 am (UTC)(link)
Been speculating on how Roads' upgrade scheme should change, thanks to a number of canons that were NOT present when he first showed up.

Don't click on the following link if you mind wild speculation on things, and what feels like slight spoilers for Roads' canon.

Link (

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Batman Li-Chi | Rosie | Tesseki Garou

Robot Name: 151E, physically spoken as 'Ichigoichie' (一期一会) meaning Once In A Lifetime Encounter

Robot Description: The 151E is a heavy armor real robot, so in essence it defends like a hybrid. Some mobility, some armor, but to help on the mobility side it has a psychic aspect to its interface: while its controls are based on the manual controls and console, when the pilot is reacting to stimuli and needs to get out of the way of something the system moves the robot as a reaction to the pilot's subconscious psychic signal.

It cannot fly, but using equipment on its shoulders alters its mass buoyancy; between this and its maneuvering thrusters it can essentially high jump and glide.

It always has the following weapons...

~Head vulcans
~Hand held rifle (mount for carrying it on the back)
~Heat hawk edged punch dagger; can deliver electrical surges to blow circuit breakers (blade comes out of the right arm)
~Electrified grapple claw on a cable (reels into the arm opposite to the punch dagger arm)
~Chest cavity micromissiles.

The punch dagger also is a psychic antenna which can be used once a battle; a change in the metallurgy occurs when a psychic signal is directed through it, and this change amplifies the psychic signal. This allows even wide misses with the weapon to inflict a psionic attack so strong that others on the battlefield are apt to hallucinate things related to whatever emotion Rosie is empathically broadcasting.

In addition, the mech is a psychic amplifier on multiple levels, and allows Rosie to perform targeting/radar via empathy. The mech also has some peculiar metaphysical metallurgical properties: strong psychic and chi radiating from the pilot (or other sources) will charge the metal, and when a 2nd radiation is introduced by the reactor the metal begins to produce high amounts of energy that will be lost over time. This is essentially a time limited super mode that makes the robot stronger, faster, gives it nanomachine regeneration, and access to one more weapon.

That final weapon is a Lightning Emitter; each shoulder is capable of, using empathic targetting, disturbing the ionic charge of a targeted point. Since the shoulders are charged with lightning, the lightning follows the easiest path to the target. It can be used as a map weapon or a single targeting weapon, but the more targets it has the weaker its shock is.

Also it has an aptly named cockpit.

Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: B
Sea: C
Space: A

A, and M-M-Maya wants her tears to create bread. :D

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Oh hey, this isn't so much an upgrade request as a retcon I mentioned on my app, but do you guys think it'd be alright to say there's a prototype Biosensor as part of the Gundam Alex? It's utterly useless to Chris, but would make the suit less of an anachronism as a "Newtype Test" mobile suit. I mean, even a Rick Dias has a panoramic monitor...
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Kamikasei / Laura / Still Not Safe: a Shifter-usuable gun

As mentioned here, Laura's considering getting a gun. Cubey suggested this might actually be a workable upgrade, if Lowe can assemble enough Sophium to make a gun usuable by Shifters, and Laura then use her power to enhance her bullets to actually hit and do useful damage. I see two different ways it could work (other than "not at all", of course):

- There's enough Sophium available to make Sophium-alloy grips and a trigger, so Laura can hold and fire the weapon while Shifted. (The weapon itself wouldn't Shift, though, which would mean it'd still be vulnerable.)

- There's only enough to make a strap, so Laura can't use the gun while Shifted but can keep a hold of it.

The idea behind either option is simply to give Laura a small way to contribute actual damage in between her support actions. Her training in it would also give her some minimal combat ability outsider her armour, but without the aid of her powers I see her as being a pretty poor marksman for the forseeable future.

There are a couple of other minor things I'm aiming to do with her in the immediate future, none of which I think rise to the level of an upgrade:
- She'll start training with a Midchildan basic Device (assuming Chrono lets her have one) as a way to refine her willpower and focus without needing to summon her armour. Beyond basic shooting magic and a plain barrier jacket with maybe some cosmetic alterations, and maybe some "exercises" of no actual utility, she wouldn't be capable of any real magic (especially not flight), and it would be worse than useless in combat.
- She'll join the 501st's flight training, though all this really amounts to for combat is she'll be able to dodge around in the air a bit better, if necessary - entirely a fluff thing.
- She'll try to find body armour in her size somewhere aboard, so that in the event she has to dismiss her armour during battle or she's knocked out long enough for it to fade or it's somehow dispelled from her, she'll have a measure of protection against shrapnel and the like. This is "body armour" at the level of a modern-day infantry man or SWAT officer, nothing more elaborate.
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[personal profile] mecha_eihwaz 2012-01-04 06:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Request for a new weapon for Lily Rain.

Name: Pepen Bit
Description: Replaces Lily's weak Machinegun Bit with a mechanical penguin that attacks enemies in melee. Two can be summoned at once at high Will (to use SRW terms).
Notes: Despite sounding absurd, this is an actual Cosmic Break weapon, and a very effective one on top of that. Wish I was joking.

[identity profile] 2012-01-05 07:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Player/Character: Eric, Van Fanel
Upgrades: This is a non-canon mech upgrade I'm asking for, so I'm gonna kinda be tiptoeing. The reason I'm doing this is that Escaflowne's weaponset is staggeringly boring for writing action prompts, especially when deploying next to mechs that can control gravity and create forcefields and shit. So here's a few things I'd like Escaflowne to be able to do, just to make things a bit more interesting:
- Breathe fire when in dragon mode
- Fire lasers out of the crystals in the shoulders
- Create ground shockwaves by slashing the ground with its sword.

The last two are things that it is implied Escaflowne can do already, Van just never learns how. I was thinking of having him start using those two attack when he starts learning Hitomi's bullshit magic dowsing.

[identity profile] 2012-01-07 01:04 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, so technically we've had this for a while and it isn't an upgrade, but it is a unique unit, and I wanted to get this down for my own edification.

Robot Name: Granteed
Robot Description:

Unlike the other two Fury-prototype robots in Super Robot Wars J, Granteed is without a doubt a super robot. Large, bulky, and extremely well-armored, it's nowhere near as maneuverable as Bellzelute or Coustwell, but it doesn't have to be. It sports a variety of attacks at varying ranges: the Orgone Blaster on its head and the more powerful but more draining Orgone Slave on its chest serve to attack enemies at long range, while the mech can make short work of opponents at short range with its bare hands using the Finger Crasher attack. For a finishing blow, it can form Orgone into a solid wedge (rather than an energy beam like the first two attacks) and stab the enemy with it.

Despite these differences, Granteed's basic systems are shared with Bellzelute and Coustwell, which is why Calvina and Tohya can pilot it. It requires a full-blooded Fury or someone with Fury blood/heavy Cytron exposure and a specially engineered copilot, it runs on Orgone energy and uses the Cytron system for control, and it carries a Larseilam Canceler. See Calvina or Tohya's app for further details.
Terrain Stats:
Land: A
Air: A
Sea: B
Space: A

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Well, since there are possible plans for using these, might as well bring them up!

Player/Character: Ash Blaze/Kou Uraki
Robot Name: RX-78GP00 Gundam Unit 00 "Blossom"
Description: When the Gundam Development Project began, the initial plan was to have the Gundam be able to handle all of the tasks at hand - to be a powerful hit and run unit, to deal as much damage as possible and to take on Mobile Armors head-on. As a test unit, it was outfitted with a number of prototype weapons and devices. It's main weapon was the Long Beam Rifle, which gave it incredible power but suffered from long recharge times due to the fact that the unit drew power from its core, not e-caps. To compensate, it also has two beam sabers for defense. It is also equipped with the Minovsky Particle Interference Wave Scanner (MPIWS), a powerful sensor that could detect even debris on the Lunar surface from far away, but proved to be unreliable. The suit was outfitted with a special Core Booster, the Core Booster X(7)II Core Booster II, which carried the equipment and boosters, making it possibly one of the more powerful jets of its kind.

Terrain Rating:
Land: B
Air: C
Space: B
Sea: C

Robot Name: RX-78GP02 Gundam Unit 2 "Physallis"
Description: One of the four Gundam units developed for the Gundam Development Project, the unit was designed for counteracting against Zeon nuclear weapons. It's main weapon was a powerful atomic bazooka which can hold two Mk-82 nuclear warheads. Since the unit is short ranged, it's outfitted with a number of defenses, including heavy armor and a massive shield, outfitted with a special coolant. Beyond that, it only has the standard vulcan cannons and beam sabers, which glow green and its output be adjusted for maximum damage. Despite it's bulk, it's outfitted with a number of high-powered thrusters on its shoulders, allowing it race in and out for its job.

Unit Statistics:
Land: B
Air: B
Space: A
Sea: C

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Robot Name: RX-78GP02 Gundam Unit 2 "Physallis" (Type-MLRS)
Description: While the Physallis was designed for nuclear payloads, the unit could be outfitted for heavy, non-nuclear assaults. To do so, the unit is outfitted with a special set of rockets known as the Multi-Launcher Rocket System (MLRS). The MLRS is outfitted with six missile tubes holding missiles that were smaller than a cruise missile, but more powerful than them. Firing them into a crowd could easily wipe out a decent sized army. Theoretically. It was also outfitted with a particle generator, turning the atomic bazooka into a powerful beam bazooka which was said to be as powerful as the mega particle cannon of the Bigro and, at full power, rival the power of the Big Zam.

Of course, this really wasn't seen as Gato made off with the GP-02.

Unit Statistics:
Land: B
Air: B
Space: A
Sea: C

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Char Aznable | Mobile Suit Gundam/Zeta Gundam + Code Geass | Modifying Existing Mech

Machine Being Upgraded: MSN-00100 Hyakku Shiki (

Just thought I'd try my hand at this. Since we recently gained some Strike Harkens following the defeat of Anavel Gato and since Steam said they were open to almost anyone, I would like Hyakku Shiki to have one or two, since he was the one who for all intents and puposes did the most damage to Gato when his Gelgoog was equipped with one. I might even ask to take it a step further, and have them controlled by the psycommu system salvaged from what was left of his Zeong from his early missions, just so he has less to worry about in unnecessary controls. It would be a good way to start honing his Newtype abilities for when he gets Sazabi.


  • +1 Zeong's Psycommu System
  • +2 Strike Harkens
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