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SRWUG@ Activity

Activity Rules
  • The activity cycle is four weeks (approximately one month) or two complete mission cycles.
  • During each cycle you must make at least 1 post or participate in 1 mission.
  • During each cycle you must also make at least 20 comments. These can be in as many threads as you feel like linking as long as the total is 20 or more. Additional substantial posts (according to the mods) or missions count as 5 comments - comments in threads under a post can also be counted individually, so if you make a post and then reply to 10 comments within it, that's 15 comments of activity.
  • A mix of posts, missions, and tags is encouraged.
  • You must reply to this post before the end of each cycle with links to activity by each of your characters since the last activity check.
  • The activity post will be linked as a reminder in the comm roughly a week before the end of each activity cycle and the comments will be cleared when each new activity cycle starts.
  • If you fail the activity check for one month, the failing character(s) are Warned. If they pass a subsequent activity check, they're fine, but if they fail another one while Warned, the character(s) are considered Dropped from the game until you or somebody else re-applies for them.
  • Characters are exempt from the first activity check after they join.
  • Characters who are not with the group as a result of a plot or otherwise pre-planned event are excused from activity for the duration of said event.
  • The list of Warned/Dropped characters is also on this page.
  • If you drop a character, there is a two-week grace period where-in you may pick the character up again without needing to submit a re-app.  However, this character is also up for grabs and is available for another player to submit an app for.
  • When a character is dropped, any player, even the one that just dropped them, may reserve the character.  This is so a player has the option of deciding to take the character back up if they have a change of heart.
  • If two or more players submit an app for the same character who has been recently dropped, we will post a notification to both apps with links to the other player's app so that the players can try to work out an equitable compromise. 
  • In the event that such a compromise cannot be reached, the mods will determine which of the two is the more solid application.  This is meant to be a last resort. We would much prefer a compromise be reached.

Hiatus Rules
  • You can take a Hiatus from the game by posting an out-of-character post in [ profile] srwug_alphanews.
  • Hiatuses can last for up to one month, and can excuse you from an activity check (if you were on hiatus for more than two weeks of an activity cycle, you're not expected to post activity for that activity cycle).
  • You cannot be excused from more than one activity check in a row: if you were on hiatus for the March activity check, you'll need to make the AC for April or you'll be Warned, as above. Furthermore, if a character of yours is Warned when you go on hiatus, they remain Warned through your hiatus and must still make the AC upon your return or be Dropped
  • In unusual circumstances, the mods can decide to extend a hiatus for a particular player's characters for more than one cycle. This "Long Term Hiatus" happens when real life circumstances prevent a player from participating in the game for a long period of time, and lasts until the situation improves for the better.

The game ends soon, so activity rules no longer apply. No more activity checks will occur.